Five Ways AI Assists You In E-shopping

According to The Guardian, it was in 2016 when AI, quite rapidly, graduated to being something real than just a science fiction concept. AI has been studying incessantly, crunching data actually, to get to that level. Today AI is prevalent, to say the least. In this article, I shall discuss e-shopping, where a lot of us are actively engaging with AI providing it data so that it can find patterns in our behaviour and become cooler than it is already. Although teaching the non-human is not our intention really. We are just shopping, which is most of the times more convenient than doing it offline, and interacting with AI in the process and helping it learn about us ultimately. Below are five ways artificial intelligence aids us in e-shopping. 

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are amazing. Aren’t they? You just have to tell them what you want, and they will buy it for you online at the best prices. Natural language processing, automatic speech recognition and artificial intelligence have actually come this far where they can shop for you at the lowest price. 


Did you know these assistants are recording your voice and storing it for analysis? A report by Wired provides some interesting insights into Google, unintended recordings and privacy breaches.


Chatbots are available to us 24*7 to provide us with possible solutions to issues encountered while buying online. They can help us make a buying decision. They can speak to us verbally or in text. 

It is not unheard of that chatbots are the best collectors of big data which they gather, examine and convert into actionable insight to respond to the customers better. Yes AI is learning you.

Intelligent Searches

AI can pull information from big data and use deep learning to deeply learn about the customers. They will study the last item we purchased, our browsing pattern and our social media footprint to determine what we are looking for when we type a particular search term. So every time we search for a product online, we actually contribute to its unimaginably vast library of data.   


If the AI can achieve the above three, it can quite obviously study individual data and can recommend to us items that we might be interested in. Whenever you add a specific item to your cart, the AI instantly displays other items that were bought together with it.

Visual Searches

Today, AI has learned to look at images the way humans do. By analysing which particular dress a woman is looking at on the ecommerce site, how much time she is doing it and related behaviour, AI can figure out what she is looking for. But that’s not all. Ecommerce sites now have a feature, like ‘StyleSnap’ on Amazon, where you just need to take a snap of the product or upload the screenshot and let AI search it for you. You don’t have to waste time trying to describe in words what you saw and get frustrated when the computer doesn’t understand what you mean. 


E-shopping is a lot more convenient than it was in 1995, and most of it is due to the evolution of artificial intelligence. While ecommerce sites endeavour to make shopping online more and more easy-breezy for customers, they also collect data by tracking and recording human-machine interactions online. Machines feed on these data so they can understand humans, what they want to buy today and what they will want to buy in the future. There are rising concerns around companies collecting customer data without their consent. As far as ecommerce is concerned, there hasn’t been a major issue yet. AI learning about us is only making shopping a better experience for humans.

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