It’s Not Too Late To Join The AI Bandwagon, YES! Even If You’re Not A Techie

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According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) named “The Future of Jobs 2018”, machines and algorithms are expected to create 133 million new job roles by 2022 but also displace 75 million jobs. This means that the growth of AI could possibly create 58 million net new job roles in the next few years. With this positive growth, the world’s largest tech companies to budding start-ups, everyone is looking for people well-versed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and that’s good news, isn’t it?

But wait, a career in this business isn’t a cakewalk; yes, a lot of mathematics, understanding human behavior, and constant learning is needed to get a strong foothold in this fast-growing industry. But before that let’s understand:

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

“The study and design of intelligent agents”, this is the most modern definition for AI, here an intelligent agent denotes a system which perceives its environment and takes actions which increases its chances of success with zero errors. In simple terms, AI refers to the ability of the computers to perform human-like acts of cognition including learning, problem-solving, perception, decision-making, and speech and language.

While AI conjures up a multitude of wild what-ifs, the real world has just begun to feel its feat. Alexa, Siri, AI-driven supply chains, and autonomous vehicles are just a few early use cases that provide a hint of the distraction that AI is poised to bring soon and for years to come. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, AI is the new gear of human evolution!

Forget About Dying Jobs, Get Ready For The New Jobs!

Automation threatens 69% of the jobs in India, US-based research firm HfS Research says, “by 2022, around 7 lakh workers in the IT and BPO industry in India are likely to lose their jobs to AI and automation”. If you are scared to lose your job to automation and robots, join their force. Here are the steps to a lucrative AI career.


Working in the AI domain demands analytical thinking and skills to resolve problems in a commercial and efficient manner. AI experts should possess technical skills to design, maintain and repair technology and software programs. If you aim to become an artificial intelligence expert, you need a basic background in science and mathematics, the rest of it is logic and technology.

AI Courses

Along with the courses with reputed Universities, today numerous online platforms offer specialized AI courses. These online certifications are a great way to begin in the field of AI if you do not have the time to attend regular classes.  There are many online learning opportunities in AI that can be found. CloudXLab has an exclusive course for non-tech professionals – AI for Managers. Their courses are a great way to build your knowledge and enrich your resume.

Career Opportunities

It is true that AI demands a standard skill set and a background in software engineering (i.e. coding, mathematics, computational thinking), even then individuals from other fields of specialization also pursue this field. This means need not essentially be a Techie to get into AI.

AI offers technological roles in machine learning development, data science, and architecting an AI technology stack. Also, it offers amply positions as a user or analyst with AI software, or in sales and marketing, HR, customer support and more. Well, the two most important key factors to land in an AI job is Agility & Flexibility.

To Sum It Up ….

Jobs disappearing today might not return. India lacks tremendously when it comes to great talent in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Learn a new skill in artificial intelligence like machine learning, deep learning, or big data avoid becoming a casualty!

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