5 Crore Worth ‘Namo Again’ Merchandise Sold Online In Just 3 Months

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Branded merchandise and hoodies value more than Rupees 5 crore for a second term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the slogan ‘NaMo Again’ has been sold in just 3 months from the prime minister’s personal mobile application. Here are 6 interesting things to know:

1. 57 Lakh Units Sold

Till now, the app has sold merchandise worth Rs 5.2 Cr sold so far, 15.75 lakh units sold. Furthermore, the sales are expected to surge in the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls, expected in the next few months.

2. Sale Began On PM’s 68th Birthday

On the occasion of Prime Minister’s 68th birthday on September 17 last year, the merchandise was put on sale on the application.

3. Highest Selling Item

T-shirts were the highest-selling items, which so far accounts for almost half of the total sales.

4. Namo Merchandise Sales Zoom

So Far, the hoodies and merchandise sold as reported by ET quoting sources are:

  • T-shirts – worth Rs 2,64,73,321
  • Caps – worth Rs 56,02, 865
  • Keychains – worth Rs 43,06,737
  • Mugs – worth Rs 36,38,818
  • Notebooks – worth Rs 32,20,583
  • Pens – worth Rs 37,73,843

5. Platforms For Sales

The merchandise is being sold via three main outlets — NaMo App, e-commerce sites Amazon and PayTM, and BJP’s regional offices.

6. Discounts On Bulk Orders

According to the party sources “For large bulk orders like 500 to 1000 T-shirts, a discounted rate is offered.” According to sources, at least two BJP state presidents said, to meet the high demand for the merchandise among BJP workers they were considering bulk orders.

The online platform on Narendra Modi’s App for sale of merchandise is called ‘FlyKart’. This platform has the license to manufacture these products using the Intellectual Property Rights owned by BJP.

New Source: Times Of India, Retail Ecommerce, Economic Times

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