How this husband-wife duo left their well settled job & cofounded for a greener society


SAVEGLOBE – It all Started in 2011 by PVS Suhasan Reddy and Harika with MBA Background and settled in respective fields, who soon started witnessing global warming. As plastic remains everywhere, and therefore the health issues due to usage of plastic in our daily life. They knew there were huge plastic islands floating in the pacific ocean and this is high time, we may not even get a chance to survive if we don’t react now. So understanding the consequences of plastic, founders thought to come up with a safe and sustainable solution via SaveGlobe. A solution which pampers environment rather than harming it.

The venture aims to provide eco-friendly products at affordable prices to masses. SaveGlobe offers 100% eco-friendly plastic empowering industries and consumers to choose a bio-based and fully biodegradable alternative to traditional Plastics.

Initial Challenges around products

The founders went through lot of struggle while researching about biodegradable products, In India, there are no products available and very limited players. After a lot of research, they figured out these products are made of Sugarcane bagasse which is left over in sugar manufacturing, and husk products which are made of rice husk which is left over after rice processing. The team also found numerous traditional nonplastic products which we used to use before plastic conquer like made of Jute, Cotton, Coconut Coir, Coconut Shell Products, Areca Products etc. There are numerous applications which we are serving to reduce usage of plastic by using green products like Food packaging, Disposable bags, reusable bags, reusable tableware, disposable tableware, disposable wooden cutlery, edible spoons, green advertising, Disposable water cups and tea cups.

Monetization model

The current revenue model of SaveGlobe operates around two segments. First, B2B segment – serving the number of five-star hotels, supermarkets, IT companies (eco-friendly corporate gifting), QSR which are major brands from the industry. The second segment is B2C – SaveGlobe is retailing the products via online sales channel where people can buy products on online.

Current traction


The venture is self-funded and claims a turnover of INR 1 Crore+ in India.

“Currently we are number 1 brand in biodegradable products in India, and we have very strong online presence with at least 20 enquires a day and a good number of calls. As we are serving pan India level we mainly concentrate on our online presence and we have good coverage in different newspapers all over India.” – PVS Suhasan Reddy, CEO

Challenges & opportunities

The biggest challenge is awareness, usability, and price. Still, people are in the wait and see mood, but every minute we are killing our planet. Plastic is affordable, easily available and the maximum usability but it kills us, it kills our environment. So we need replacement, we should save our planet and very selfish human beings. We survived for thousand of years without plastic and we know how to survive but we are not interested, we want cheap, we want easy. But it costs our planet huge.

“Prices of eco-friendly products comes down drastically when production increases and with high market usage. But we can overcome this by awareness and by imposing law. It’s on the way, India is towards implementing the plastic ban in different states but needs to have hawkeye on the implementation, though. The market size is as equal to plastic market size, we are here to save the environment, people’s health which is commercially strong”- says Harika, Co-founder

Expansion plan & Capacity ENHANCEMENT

The  venture is planning to come up with two products, 1. Eco-friendly and biodegradable wet waste bags, 2. Eco-friendly water bottle / bag which is healthy and keeps water cool. The venture plans to launch these products commercially by December 2016.


(Stitching unit at SaveGlobe Factory)

The team is in process of expanding production capacity of edible cutlery front and planning to reach 100,000 pieces per month by the end of 2016. They are also looking to improve their operations by going on to the distributor model.

Current Product Range
  • Ecofriendly Cotton Cloth Bags, Jute Bags, Canvas bags
  • Brown Husk reusable tableware – made of Rice Husk
  • Coconut coir products
  • Bagasse Disposable Food Packaging products made of sugarcane pulp and bamboo pulp
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Edible Cutlery – Made of wheat floor and sugar
  • Corn Starch Cutlery
  • Earthen Pots – made of clay
  • Bamboo Baskets
  • Areca Tableware – made of natural plant leaf
  • ecofriendly Corrugated Packaging (eg: Tshirt Packaging)




The Founders

PVS Suhasan Reddy – an MBA graduate from Birla Institute of Management in Bangalore and successfully launched product development firm and ran for 6 years before started witnessing global warming, and plastic remains everywhere, and health issues using plastic.

Harika – An MBA Graduate from Marshall University USA. A senior business analyst by profession for 5 years, before taking the challenge of anti plastic revolution.

On a Final Note

Our Earth is very beautiful, save it. Don’t cut our own branch sitting on a tree. Promote green living by using biodegradable products because –

  1. It helps to keep our planet safe
  2. Our future generations are safe
  3. You are safe too, while contributing to environment 🙂

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