Here Is How E-commerce Has Transformed The way Indian businesses Operate?

India is the second largest user-base which has an about 40% of its population on the internet: which means 450 million people (and still growing) with the expected reach around $64  billion by 2021, which clearly shows that it has transformed the way business is done in India.
At the early stage, India’s e-commerce market rate in 2009 was around $3.9 billion with gradually growing to $12.6 billion, and  Government of India  introduced to book the tickets online in 2002 and  after the success of IRCTC in 2002, Low-cost Air tickets with Air Deccan which boosted the internet players in India, was introduced.
At one stage, it was all about placing the order and pay through cash on delivery option but still in 2018 around more than 75% user’s preferred COD option, and the revolution of mobile phones had also played an eminent role to bring up the transformation in India.
Indian internet penetration around 4% to 35.03 % between 2007 -2017 which is expected to raise around 829 million by 2021, almost every survey gives you how it has transformed the way Indian business operates.
According to a study in India, it shows that the Indian younger generation much involved and they are ready to accept the change and ready to face the challenges.
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What made an Indian go online?

India is more complicated market than China, there will be a very high penetration by 2020 in the Indian market, by 2020 Indian’s online shopping behavior is expected to be likely matured by 2030 it is expected to be the worlds second largest e-commerce market.

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