LaYuva: A Direct-to-Consumer Platform, Neutralizes The Multilevel Marketing

LaYuva is a first-of-its-kind eCommerce platform empowering individuals who wish to become  entrepreneur and have their own e-shop to sell products directly to the consumers. On the other hand, LaYuva also provides hassle-free platform to end consumers to purchase wide range of products of their choice in competitive rates.

A single platform for both buying and selling, LaYuva offers free registration and provides a comfortable environment to its users to create their e-shop, promote it with their network and earn money on a real-time basis. The venture is getting a good response from sellers, resellers and manufactures. To strengthen this partnership base, the venture focuses on providing quality services to its partners & end consumers.

Portal URL
Launch Date 1 Jan 2018
Business Vertical E-Commerce
Solution Online platform for buying and selling
Headquater (City) Gurgaon
Founders Name Rahul Bahukhandi and Mr. Haifeng Yang
Number of employees 20
Current traction 2 to 3 lacs monthly active users

Direct-to-Consumer Online Platform

LaYuva solves the major concern around multi-level marketing. The price of any product is directly proportional to the number of levels & distributors involved in the marketing of that product. LaYuva neutralizes the multilevel marketing and buying products directly from the manufacturers which is cost effective and benefiting not only the sellers but buyers as well. LaYuva makes business easy and more profitable for both the parties by offering quality products at affordable price with quick delivery. The venture claims of having 2 lacs to 3 lacs monthly active users on its platform.

The LaYuva App is also available on Google Play to download for an enhanced experience.

What To Expect From LaYuva

  • Zero Investment for sellers: It’s a zero-investment business platform for sellers, unlike other platforms the sellers don’t have to invest any amount for registration. With zero invest anyone can become a seller or reseller, create e-shop, generate sale and earn money.
  • Products direct from Manufacturers: The reduced number of marketing channel provides the benefit of buying and selling the product at best price.
  • Uncompromising Quality:  get the quality products on low price.

Opportunity & The Way Forward

Startup to focus on growing B2B segment in the Indian market, onboarding more and more manufacturers and buyers. It is a bootstrapped startup. The venture is planning to raise funds this year for further expansion.

In e-commerce industry, product delivery is the major challenge as it impacts the pricing. Another challenge is less trust of the customers in online transactions. Though e-commerce companies are booming in India, people still concerned about products’ quality and investing money in faceless transactions. LaYuva is working smart to solve these issues to make their way in this competitive market.

The Founders

LaYuva was founded by Rahul Bahukhandi and Haifeng Yang, the two young and dynamic entrepreneurs with a vast knowledge of marketing came up with a unique idea of making business obvious and omnipresent for everyone. Rahul holds more than 10 years of prolific experience in Sales & Marketing, Mobile Content, SMS Based Services, Applications and Games, Marketing Studies and Research. He has worked with companies like Alibaba, Baidu and UC Browser. Whereas the co-founder of the company Haifeng Yang is a Chinese citizen. He holds over 10 years of corporate experience and worked with companies like UCWeb Inc (Alibaba Group), Baidu and Huawei Technologies.

Founder’s Advice To Budding Online Startups?

“To be succeed in any business, it is essential to know the major strengths and loopholes of the industry. The online business has immense potential but an in-depth study and thorough analysis is required to understand what the industry actually needs. I would advise the other emerging online startups to focus more on providing quality services because a happy customer brings more business”. – Rahul Bahukhandi, Founder, LaYuva


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