Ativitti signs a MoU with Hotify to accelerate adoption of AI by enterprises

Ativitti AI and Hotify AI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate adoption of AI by enterprises in India. Ativitti AI, is India’s first dedicated organization for Artificial Intelligence, Education, Research, and Developing Integrated, pervasive & highly scalable AIEd platform for delivering education and Hotify AI, is a cognitive intelligence platform, accelerating enablement of enterprise AI solutions. Through this collaboration, the required skill & resource challenges of enterprises will be addressed and boost the industry’s efforts in creating an AI centric ecosystem.

The partnership will primarily help foster and strengthen the following:

Holistic solutions for enterprises – The combination of the educational platform from Ativitti with Applied AI research at its core, and Hotify’s cognitive intelligence platform can provide latest cutting-edge AI solutions to enterprises.

Industry-led skill development – Hotify’s industry expertise with real-life business challenges and solutions will enhance Ativitti’s offerings, resulting in an ecosystem of skilled resources who can support and accelerate the AI journey of enterprises

Speaking about the partnership, Sanjay Kasturia, CEO Ativitti AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd, said,

“As the industry is readying itself to taking a giant leap by adopting AI first strategy, Enterprises have a herculean task at hand to re-skill and re-tool its resources. Building a knowledge base is of paramount importance in order to engage with its customers. The partnership with Hotify is a great synergy and a major step not only in addressing Enterprise business challenges with their highly scalable & robust AI platform but also in creating a wealth of knowledge within the client’s organization by bringing in experts from Academia, Industry and research institutions. We firmly believe that we have laid a foundation for addressing customer challenges in various aspects.”

Kundana K Lal, COO, Ativitti & President-Vitti Research Foundation (Non-Profit section 8 company formed to boost AI and Robotics R&D ecosystem in India) also specified “this partnership will help to utilize strengths of both companies in not only R&D oriented projects but will also aim to strengthen consultancy in cutting-edge technologies associated to AI & Robotics eco-system emanating from Academics, Industry or Government. Hotify’s expertise in cognitive platform development will be a value add for Ativitti in its project and AI course delivery. Ativitti will also work with Hotify to bring Industry exposure to academia which is critical considering the knowledge base at academic levels versus the expectations for employability. Collectively, Enterprise, Industry and Academia will benefit from Thought Leadership which this partnership will bring on the table.”

“Our collaboration with Ativitti is significant, as it enhances our outreach to students and educational institutions and is a testimony of our core belief which is enabling an ecosystem success. This partnership will also provide a holistic solution to enterprises alongside our cognitive intelligence platform, with its structured framework for skill development, and together we look forward to accelerating the AI journey of enterprises”

said Preethi S Narayanan, President AI Solutions at Hotify.

About Ativitti AI

Ativitti AI is India’s leading Company for Artificial Intelligence, Education, Research, and Developing Integrated, pervasive & highly scalable AIEd platform for delivering education. Ativitti offers short to long duration courses that would offer AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Technology & Data Analytics related courses in different formats. Ativitti brings experts to deliver the best, tested and latest education modules in AI space. More information is available at

About Hotify AI

Hotify AI is a cognitive intelligence platform, accelerating enablement of enterprise AI solutions and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Hotify AI has a seasoned leadership team with hands-on experience in a wide range of AI domains and deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence. Hotify AI is presently working with leading enterprises in banking, financial services, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods companies. Hotify AI’s platform provides an out-of-the-box ready-to-use AI backend, designed to accelerate development of intelligent systems and increase AI adoption. Hotify AI also offers AI advisory, consulting, and develops solutions that organizations may require as they work toward the adoption of AI. More information is available at

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