Industry Leaders Views On Modi Government’s Ambitious #DigitalIndia Initiative

eBusiness India wishes a very Happy Republic Day to all the proud Indians out there. On India’s 69th Republic Day, e-Business India team collates few powerful quotes on Modi government’s ambitious #DigitalIndia programme from industry leaders.

Digital India initiative has been driving innovative ideas and practical solutions to transform our nation and creating opportunities for all citizens by harnessing digital technologies. The vision is to empower every citizen with access to digital services, knowledge and information.


“Digital India has undoubtedly helped online businesses and entrepreneurs. It has been, so far, successfully boosted connectivity between established businesses and emerging entrepreneurs. Besides, facilitating global reach of the Indian companies, it has also built up a healthy start-up ecosystem. It has laid the solid foundations of building up of an organized market and healthy start-up ecosystem. Now, there is less documentation required for entrepreneurs who want to set up a new business.”

Rohit Manglik, CEO, EduGorilla


Due to the Digital India push, we are seeing a tectonic shift in consumer behavior. As the consumer behavior changes fundamentally and rapidly it brings to fore a wide range of possibilities to add value to this breed of “digital first but not digital only” consumer. Whether it is for food ordering, ticket booking, tax saving or entertainment – new business models with digital as its center are emerging  and opening up possibilities for entrepreneurs to disrupt the ecosystem”

Ahmed Aftab Naqvi, CEO & Co-Founder, Gozoop


“Digital India initiative works well for citizen and more importantly for economy. Being in business in US, and Singapore and shanghai, it’s very important to understand that in business time is key and how easy it is to enable business through minimum process intervention. Digital India initiative is a very good step towards enabling business to reduce time to market ( due to ease in digital regulatory processes.) I look forward to time when digitization reaches precision where consumer interests are addressed online. For example in food industry, a consumer should be able to trace source of ingredient and it’s information through scanning bar or qr code. I am sure precision would be next step once the basics are fully accessible in digital India initiatives.”

Amit Srivastava,

Head Business & Strategic Portfolio (Nutrition & Nutraceuticals), Dr. Reddys Labs Ltd.


“India is on the verge of a giant leap forward, forging ahead with innovative, transparent and user friendly platforms as part of the Digital India initiative. This augurs very well for both large enterprises and entrepreneurs as it provides greater opportunities in targeting a large customer base, and making it a level playing field with global players. “

Preethi Narayanan, President – AI Solutions,


“PM Modi’s Digital India mission for creation of Digital Infrastructure and Electronic Manufacturing is undoubtedly a commendable project. The mission is well wrapped with initiatives to support the ecosystem e.g. UIDAI Aadhar for a national level digital identity, nudge for digital payment adoption, tax benefits for Start-ups, and digital literacy initiatives for a common man to play in this ecosystem. Researchers predict the pace of business disruption in next 5 years will be 2000% more than what happened in last 2 decades. There can’t be a better time for entrepreneurs at all levels to invest in this exciting transformation to AI & Automation led Industry 4.0 with big data as the new currency. The ambiguity around policy framework and guidelines is a blessing in disguise.”

Amit Goyal, Country Head India,


“Digital India is a great initiative to help entrepreneurs who operate on shoestring budget and are crunched for time. It’s the type of engagement that has potential to transform the entire startup ecosystem and provide the level playing field in this highly competitive environment. Entrepreneurs can now aspire to reach a variety of audience worldwide.”

Jagdish Upadhyay, Global Director at Hitachi Vantara


“Indian masses have shown a huge appetite to go digital. Look at the number of smartphone users we have.Government has moved surprisingly fast to make this happen exponentially faster. On the financial industry front, ATMs already had made most branch operations redundant. The same has spread to investments, insurance, taxation etc thanks to the initiatives and implementation.”

Anurag Agarwal, Founder,


“The digital India initiatives are helping entrepreneurs in a big way and in turn making sure that the end consumer is benefited. The initiatives are built around 4 S strategy – Security, Services, Savings and Smart. IoT is definitely being put to use to ensure better Security, AI being used for effective standardised Service, digitisation making it cost effective resulting in Savings. Overall #digitalIndia is making consumers Smarter!”

Suresh Rangarajan, Founder & CEO, CoLive


We’re completely surrounded by technology today. With revolutionary innovations in technology and the increasing reach of Internet, everything is just a tap away. A step further in this direction, the Digital India initiative has not just aided entrepreneurs in development of their online businesses,  but also enabled electronic delivery of Government services to the heartland of the country. Digital India especially has a large role to play in the growth of education sector. Penetration of mobile devices has complemented this initiative by providing education resources to areas where physical infrastructure is unavailable. It has encouraged ed-tech companies to innovate and provide smart, virtual classrooms through mobile devices.”

Aditya Malik, MD & CEO, Talentedge


“The Digital India initiative launched by the Government to ensure that Government services are made more easily accessible to our citizens by improved online infrastructure and Internet connectivity aims to empower India with technology. Under the initiative, even rural areas will have access to connectivity with high speed internet networks. Development of secure and stable digital infrastructure, delivering government services digitally, and universal digital literacy are the three core components of the campaign. All of these components, the first and third in particular, are immensely beneficial to entrepreneurs and businesses in India by providing much needed support infrastructure, a larger workforce pool and access to an increased number of consumers. The business community is hopefully for more such programs by the Government to take our country to greater heights with a model of inclusive growth.”

Ravitej Yadalam, Founder of Pennyful & Chief Digital Officer of Zaggle


“India has witnessed a significant change across industry segments due to digitalization. Many services have become online giving huge benefits to citizens. Digital India wave has also uncovered a lot of gaps for India like infrastructure, skills, governance, electricity. Which is a tremendous opportunity for growth and innovation for entrepreneurs /businesses. It will bring in greater thrust to promote inclusive growth for the nation.”

Digvijay Singh, Vice President at Ogilvy & Mather


“#DigitalIndia is a crucial move towards making a developed India. Boasting extensive use of technology, this step has brought immense opportunities for potential entrepreneurs and online businesses in the country. The Digital India initiative is enabling the Indian youth to become job creators and not job seekers. From start-ups to the existing business houses, the programme is encouraging talent, while driving innovation. The global reach of Indian online businesses will eventually lead to an elevated growth of the country as a whole, while subsequently making the nation key to foreign investments and transactions”.

Astha Khetan, Founder & Director – The House of Things


“I do appreciate the vision of Digital India  to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.While embracing digital technologies in day to day communication, are we moving away from human touch points?. The best of technology companies are working towards to find ‘better’ ways to connect people. With the advent of these seemingly ‘connecting tools’ we are getting more and more ‘disconnected’. We are so much obsessed with digitally connecting devices and tools that we are losing the core art of humans: The art of conversations. Face to face conversations are increasingly getting replaced with virtual methods. I do not stand for  anti-technology . My whole idea is that we can reduce this digital dependence to bring some old flavours of human conversations, the social laughter and mindfulness”.

Manoj Agarwal, Co Founder, Xoxoday


“Digital India is a great initiative to create environment for digital transformation of India into knowledge based economy driven by Data. But along with this program, it is necessary to capture the huge data generated by this in the clean and tidy format which could be used for predictive modeling to give a major thrust to india’s development using Artificial Intelligence.”

Alok Gautam, Chief of Artificial Intelligence, KareerMatrix


“Under DigitalIndia mission, we are rethinking the complete governance and services delivery. StartupIndia public procurement policies are opening up a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to build innovative solutions for government organizations. A strong and predictable transit network is arterial to any city, thanks to MoUD Transit-oriented development policy and National Common Mobility Card initiatives, Smart cities are focusing on strengthening its transit network. UDAN-RCS with an object to “let the common citizen of the country fly” is revolutionizing the air travel space.”

Sankaran Kaliappan, Founder & CEO,


“Digital India ensures and facilitates seamless awareness of new initiatives taken by the Government for the individuals and businesses with transparency in the ecosystem benefitting people across the country.”

Aakash Porwal, CEO, Space Aura Aerospace Technologies Pvt Ltd


“All government organizations are open to use of IT and that has increased avenues for business for small and medium software companies operating in niche domains and technologies. Helping in job creations for IT sector. In Long run life of citizens will be a lot easier.”

Kaushalendra Yadav, COO, Mantra Labs


“Productivity & Convenience ‘ will be at the core of digital india initiative. We are already seeing a lion share of customers using handheld interfaces for making their lives easy, be it payments, shopping, communication et all and when you throw in the Tier 2, Tier 3 town consumer base into the mix, this will drive massive benefits to the customers. With key enablers like vernacular content, video content, better broadband, lower cost of internet along with consumer facing innovation ideas will spur the concept of digital india. Digital India initiative will have a positive surround effect and also encourage the offline businesses to also participate like mom and pop shops, India Post centers, housewives etc who can enable last mile delivery, provide reverse logistics support, collect payments, or even showcase products. The indian market hasn’t really seen the launch of IOT products, but that alone could be the biggest beneficiary of Digital India in building commerce, awareness & knowledge.”

Mukund Malagi, Co-Founder, ND Commerce


“#DigitalIndia is a great enabler for a populous nation like India and has opened plethora of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. In the time to come, tech innovations will ride on #DigitalIndia wave and bring better governance to the lives of Indians.”

Akash Agarwal, Founder,


“Digital India Initiative from Govt of India is encouraging business owners or entrepreneurs to automate their business process and interface with Govt. statutory needs using software interfaces. The mode of payment in each enterprise application is encouraging people to go cashless, everything is accounted now very clearly in business, they know the actual business health on click of a button. Mobile apps also added lot of acceleration to this initiative. Increase in number of people booking their film tickets using apps, increase in number of aged patients getting their medical reports on their mobile to show it to doctor visiting them home, number of people transfer money to their loved ones using net banking  are some of the examples of ease of living. Now many consumers also understand the meaning of GST and feel very comfortable to do business with enterprises who give tax invoice and trust the pricing is genuine for the value of product or services they buy. Mode of payment options are heavily utilized to increase sales growth.”

Nagaraj M C, Mentor and Advisor


“To create a truly inclusive society, you need everyone to hold power at their fingertips. The internet, and the newfound ability to access information and services through an impartial distributor – data – is perhaps why a billion Indians now feel empowered, and are evolving – one smartphone at a time. This opens out a new, growing world of opportunities, and a new force for entrepreneurs to access. At GMETRI, we focus on creating immersive AR/VR/MR experiences for the masses, and our target audience just grew by a billion.”

Utsav Mathur, Founder, GMETRI


“Indian business will increasingly move towards an online first approach, especially when it comes to retail and services. We’re already witnessing an exponential growth in the digital advertising space, and like China, we’ll soon be seeing a balance between net spends on digital advertising v/s conventional advertising.” Adding to this Harsh Desai says that “the indian online space will see an increase of around 10-12% in the coming year too especially content in regional language will show an increase of around 30%. The Indian online space is still underperforming compared to the Chinese and American online space. Hence, we have great growth potential.

It’s helping digital entrepreneurs gamble bigger and innovate further in their own businesses. In the advertising space, we’re seeing a rise in acquisitions of bouquet digital agencies by bigger conglomerates to continue innovating” whereas Harsh Desai has an view that ” The digital industry has a serious dearth of talent. This gap is constantly enabling entrepreneurs to disrupt the space. With the new technologies like 360 videos, and the use of AI; the digital space is about to explode and create many entrepreneurs.”

Kashyap Swaroop , Tilt Shift Media LLP


“Growth is proportionate with the way we communicate and also the ease of communication. Over the period of years digital segments have developed ease of communication, resulting in ease of exchange of ideas, inspirational thoughts and business. The Digital India Initiative by the government facilitates the growth in sectors which have over the years lacked digitilisation. Overall, this is a fantatistic approach. Because I truly believe, the digital world plane is 50,000 ft below its potential and in time to come it will only rise.”

Akshay Dalvi, Founder, Ideas and Journeys Pvt Ltd


“The struggle without digitalisation is immense, and we understand how much taxing it can be when we visit places which struggle for internet and mobile connectivity. The Digital India Initiative is an amazing process to create valuable stakeholders for India’s overall growth. It is going to have influential and positive impact on literacy, economy and overall growth. The Digital communication will assist to aware and enrich the life across India.”

Richa Shah, Social Media Head


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