GetSetGo, An Online Fitness Solutions Startup Helps People to Stay Fit On The Go

Confused where to start on your fitness plan? Stuck at some point? Need an expert advice on your convenience? Know what diet to go on, but too busy to make one? Need not to worry – GetSetGo Fitness provides online one-on-one coaching sessions & customizes the fitness plan to achieve your fitness goals.

There is a dearth of qualified fitness practitioners in the industry with the right information and the accessibility is a challenge too. The founders saw this gap and thought that this gap can be bridged with its unique offering and making it more accessible by building one of a kind community around it. GetSetGo Fitness helps people with a wide range of fitness goals ranging from fat loss, muscle gain, to help them manage their lifestyle disorders like PCOS/PCOD, Hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, etc.

GetSetGo Fitness not only has the good of fitness practitioners onboard, but it also has a supportive Facebook community with the active experts who help people with their fitness related queries and solve the basic misconceptions people have about fitness.

Fast Facts

Portal URL
Launch Date Dec 1, 2016
Product  Online portal for on-the-go fitness solutions
Business Vertical  Health and Wellness
Headquarters Pune
Revenues  INR 20 Lakhs per month, growing 10% monthly
Number of employees 30
Core Members Pratik Thakkar, Akash Saxena, Rajiv Ambat Menon, Shraddha Bhavalkar, Varun Sreenivasan, Melvin Cherian, Shashank Pawar, Sreedhar Reddy

Fitness Is More Of A Lifestyle

The major problem this venture is trying to solve is to bring evidence-based practice into the fitness industry and remove the unnecessary noise created by a lot of companies to push their products to the people looking for magical solutions. GetSetGo Fitness does not promote or endorse any magical products that would solve issues related to fitness for people. Founders believe that fitness is more of a lifestyle and it needs to be sustainable. Team educate people about the same and show them how just making a few minor tweaks to the daily routine can help them become fit and stay fit. A user can expect on this portal:

  • Right information on fitness
  • Constant motivation and hand-holding
  • Community support

Monetization Model

GetSetGo is completely a bootstrap startup. On its online coaching portal, a user can select a certified fitness coach and subscribe the paid plan.  Currently, GetSetGO is doing a business of INR 20 Lakhs per month and growing at 10% month-on-month. It also boasts around 62,000 members on its online community.

Core Members

The core team members of GetSetGo are Pratik Thakkar, Akash Saxena, Rajiv Ambat Menon, Shraddha Bhavalkar, Melvin Cherian, Varun Sreenivasan, Shashank Pawar and Sreedhar Reddy. The members have a varied background ranging from business graduates to internationally certified fitness experts to tech professionals to photographers to corporate trainers. It is the diversity of the profiles that make the team a very strong one.

Challenges & Opportunities

The major challenge is the misinformation and myths that are prevalent in the industry with every other person claiming something different. But that is equally an opportunity, as giving the right information helps us to help people in a much better way and they end up making sure that this right information is passed on to their peers and relatives as well.

Venture does a lot of myth busting, doubt solving and live QnA’s in our FB community. So if someone is keen on getting the right information about fitness, they should join their FB community. That helps people to keep highly motivated.

The Way Forward

The venture is currently working on the launch of its overseas operations in the United Arab Emirates with the first office and the platform. The launch is planned in Dubai in last week of January 2018.

Founder’s Advice To Budding Startups

“The one advice that we would have for budding online startups is that be a lion in a herd of sheep. Do not just follow what others are doing and strive to create value for your users and customers. That will not only bring more success and business in the future but you will convert raving customers into ambassadors. And there is no better form of advertising than positive word of mouth.” – Pratik Thakkar


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