What is Product Discovery And How Can Content Marketing Help Brands Sell Smart

As a content-lead business we understand the value of the first phase of proper content marketing for any brand, which is when a potential consumer has a need or a problem and uses the web to find solutions. We want to share the intricacies of this PRODUCT DISCOVERY phase and help you build content to achieve two things, 1) to sell your product/service and 2) create better brand awareness. Let’s begin.

Information, information, information

The web exists due to the insatiable thirst of people who seek information all the time, on all devices, and in all imaginable mediums.

When a person encounters a need or a problem, the first action they take is to find a solution. In today’s technology fueled era, the web is the oasis with all the right solutions. Or at least that is what a solution seeker believes.

The sad truth is that, though there are businesses to address every need or gap or problem, there isn’t much VALUABLE and RELEVANT information created by businesses which will hook the consumers and help them make better buying decisions. This is the content marketing gap.

It doesn’t matter if you have the finest engineers, building the finest of products or services. If people can’t find you online (especially when they are seeking for solutions), then you are as good as comatose. To address this, businesses whip up fancy websites filled with tremendous amount of product information/content. And creating pages on popular social networks has become muscle memory. But, the game has just begun.

What we have to understand is that a single product or service addresses more than one consumer need. However, when a consumer is searching for a solution online, he or she will be specifically looking for one thing which your product offers (but your product offers many more things, which is all mentioned in your website). Let me give you an example.

When I go to the web looking to find an immediate solution for my child’s tummy ache, in the middle of the night. And I land on a page of a brand who manufacture medicine for children, what I want is an article with home remedies. But, what I get served is a product landing page asking me to buy it, where the product is the right solution (but not the immediate solution).

This is where the brand can create a blog with a list of content people want to consume immediately, before considering the consumption of their products. This is the content marketing gap to address the product discovery phase.

In today’s internet era, a typical product discovery process starts researching on multiple search engines, checking out product sites/ blogs /forums, online product reviews, friend’s recommendations on social networks and so on.

Now it’s up to brands how to facilitate these potential customers in their product discovery journey and enhance the experience. If you are not providing the helpful information, you are missing out a great opportunity in the early product discovery phase of these prospects.

Two key factors

Now that we understand that as a brand you need to create content to address the product discovery phase, we need to address its two main factors: CONTENT PRODUCTION and CONTENT DISTRIBUTION.

Content production is where you as a brand understand the consumer needs and wants and create appropriate content to address the needs. This content has to be produced in multiple formats (articles, videos, infographs etc), because people watch and listen more than they read (so content formats are important). What is written as an article can easily be turned into a graph or a video or a podcast.

Once relevant content is created, then it has to be distributed (else how will people know that your brand has useful content?). This is the phase where you create brand pages on all popular and relevant social networks. It is always good to scour the social networks to understand where your consumers engage. It is wise for you to create a perfect content distribution strategy followed by a rigorous content distribution calendar.

Start creating and distributing content to address the product discovery phase

To conclude, we now understand that people seek solutions not products or brands. This is where you as a brand should address with content during the product discovery phase. Hence content marketing initiatives help you address every phase of the consumer’s buying journey. By creating content to address the product discovery phase, you achieve two things 1) you offer the right solution to a potential consumer and eventually sell your product, and 2) your content creates meaningful brand awareness (something even a full page advert on ToI can’t achieve).

Authored by a content expert from Comezzo, India’s premium content marketing boutique

For a content marketing advice , drop a word at contact (at) comezzo (dot) com 

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