SharkID Aspires To Be The Default Smart Phonebook Of The Planet

In this technologically advanced world where 44% people use smartphones, of which a large number of people face a common problem of having duplicate contacts or dead contacts. This problem is solved by smart phonebook app SharkID which auto updates the phone book and does a lot more such as know common connections, easy sharing of biz cards, increase your network (e.g. if you have just 1000 friends on SharkID, you can reach out to 2 Lakh people in 2nd degree and 2 Million people in 3rd ). The more you call, the more you discover.

SharkID was born as seed idea in the mind of the founder – Ramesh Sinha while he was on a sabbatical to rejuvenate and get fresh new perspective on life after consistently working for 10 years. It was when he ran out of (physical copies) of business cards during his trip, then he realised how dire a need there is of a simplified contact management system that simply represents a person’s name as his/her brand identity and replaces physical visiting cards by digital identities since everyone uses a smartphone.

SharkID has evolved since its inception in August 2016 and today it aims to become a one stop solution for contact management and referential networking

Fast Facts

Portal URL
Launch Date 1st February 2017
Product  A smart phonebook app
App downloads 167,593 (as on mid Jan’18)
Business Vertical  B2B and B2C
Headquaters (City) Ahmedabad, India
Founders Name Ramesh Sinha, Jignesh Patel
Number of employees 27
Reach 30 mn mobile numbers in their network


The USP of SharkID is Caller ID with Mutual Connections. With SharkID, when you receive or dial an unknown number, you can know who the person is and how many of your phonebook contacts are connected to the unknown caller. Also, it keeps your phonebook updated; such that when you call someone say after 20 years, you still get to speak to your friend.

  • It’s a Phonebook based secure & personal Social network
  • When stranger calls you or you call a stranger, it tells you who that person is (caller ID) and how many of your friends know that stranger
  • Control on who can have your number and who can’t. Since the entire world will decide if you can have their number or not, you don’t need a phonebook to be maintained or updated.
  • Facilitate seamless networking while keeping user’s personal data secure
  • Recommend relevant connects to the user to expand network based on their professional behavior
  • Whether receiving or making a call, you can know how one is connected to person concerned

Current Traction

The founders are committed to keep ShakID free for an individual user and free of advertisements. However, SharkID will become paid for Corporates & Professionals.

  • Total Mobile Numbers in their network: 30 Mn
  • Total Installations: 167,593
  • Active users: 94,743
  • Calls made using SharkID (Dec’17 – mid Jan’18): 2,157,154
  • Total cards exchanged: 600,000+

SharkID is a joint venture of e-Procurement Technologies Ltd and Silver Touch Technologies Ltd, funded by both these companies. Together they have agreed to give the seed capital of US$ 2 Mn to SharkID.

Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Generally, users are married to the Telco & ISP. The moment users change their contacts, they go out of touch. With SharkID user can stay in touch, always and can divorce the Telco & ISP without going through mobile number portability.
  • People are habituated to manually updating their phonebook so much so that they do not feel the need for a smart phonebook that can auto update the phonebook
  • Everything is anchored to Mobile Number and hence it gets compromised easily. Plus user cannot change their mobile number frequently. This startup wants the world to move towards SharkID and give the users to change their contact coordinates without going out of touch with the world.

The Way Forward

  • It aspires to be the default phonebook of the planet.
  • Founders are looking forward to expand Shark ID as a people rating app
  • The goal is to connect the last billion mobile users of the world and reduce the six degrees of separation to three.

Founder’s Advice To Budding Startups

“Just do it. Ensure that you have a Hollywood blockbuster story to narrate when you retire.” – Ramesh Sinha, The Founder


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