Investimonial – A Unique Platform That Connects Startups & Investors

Today, the start-up segment is slowly gaining momentum in India because there are many budding entrepreneurs who have path-breaking ideas for products & services. However, starting a company is not an easy task; hard work, endurance, integrity is put to the test. One of the most prominent shortcomings entrepreneurs face is to acquire the essential capital and sustain their business.

Investimonial is a first of its kind of platform that bridges the gap between investors and aspiring entrepreneurs. Investimonial is the brainchild of Mr. Ankit Totla, a Chartered Accountant along with Mr. Himanshu Dhabalia who has accumulated years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Investimonial is launched with the intention of bridging the gap between genuine investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Portal URL
Launch Month October 2017
Solution Online platform to connect investors & aspiring entrepreneurs
Headquarter (City) HO: Mumbai, Branches: Thane, Bengaluru
Founders Name Mr. Ankit Totla, Mr. Himanshu Dhabalia
No. of employees 5-10
Monetization model Registration Fee, Deal Commission & Value added services

Investimonial is a one of its kind initiative offering a unique platform for both investors & entrepreneurs helping them to grow together with their vast category of database. Investimonial connects potential investors to their next great idea (start-ups/businesses) which will in future reap benefits for both the parties.


To make it a certified deal, the registered startups are screened and verified by a renowned third-party agency; only after which they are viewed by the investors along with the screening report. Investimonial also provides guidance to entrepreneurs who are just entering the market by helping them build a business plan which will be structured and is presented to the investors. The platform allows the entrepreneurs to check the exact number of times their profile was viewed by an investor. Investimonial also guides entrepreneurs & highlights the key points that are missing to get an investor on board. Apart from the above-mentioned features, they also provide some value added services like Financial Modelling, Creating Business Plans, and Valuation Assistance.

Investimonial allows entrepreneurs to access a vast and ever-growing database of investors who are on a lookout to invest in a reliable and safe venture who’ve imparted knowledge through years of experience.

One of a notable benefit about Investimonial is that entrepreneurs cannot reach out to the investors unless the investors initiate the conversation. Once an investor matches with an entrepreneur, they can move to the next level which is the in-portal conversation. Furthermore, they can discuss key points like making offers, negotiations, counter offers and on mutual consensus. They can then finalize the deal. A methodology to track the promised payments is also built in the platform for 100% transparency.


Ankit Totla: is the Founder of Investimonial. He has an extensive experience in venture investing, marketing and financial services. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and numbers clearly don’t scare him. His expertise lies in an array of arenas such as direct taxation, management, the financial consultancy. He acts as a virtual CFO to many companies and is also an avid investor who has diversified exposure and shares in a lot of firms. He is usually been called as the human sponge, as he is always on the lookout for more in the field of finance. He has extended his arm in the well-being of the society by being the President of Lions Club Mumbai Ekam. Apart from Investimonial, he runs his own CA firm. His expertise in the field and business skills have led to a business that employs over 50 people across offices in 4 states in just 5 years.

Himanshu Dhabalia: Himanshu has spent over three decades in IT industry, not only stopped at that but he is an entrepreneur, a start-up mentor and virtual CIO to many organizations. He is an ex-senior VP of technology at Aegis Ltd. In the Aegis Leadership Summit View-2010. He was recognized as the ‘Best I.T Employee’. His leadership qualities are unmatchable which has landed him with key responsibilities in organizations like CAIRS, Microtech Software & Consultants, Wipro Net and Supreme Telecommunications. Having his stakes in a lot of startups, he has also spread his arms in the field of investment since a good number of years now.

This lethal combination, with their proficiency in the respective fields, is here to create a niche and make a positive difference in the society.


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