6 Best Tips For Small Businesses To Create Brand Awareness

The world is moving towards digital and so are the businesses. The fact that consumers today research, validate and buy from this digital world is tempting enough for sellers to tap the opportunity. As a result, the digital landscape has become a crowded space, where sellers are clamouring to have their voices heard. And when consumer choice is almost infinite, their concentration span is also diminishing. Thus it is imperative for SMEs to capture consumer loyalty with a planned strategy, as it is a significant asset that can indirectly increase conversion opportunities.

Here are few strategies for SMEs to go toe-to-toe with established brands in digital world.

The Perfect Mix for the great taste

Yes, it is the perfect mix that can deliver you quality results. The strategic mix of PR, Social Media and Content. Why? Well because consumers either don’t or hardly do make the purchase decision just by seeing one advert. And generally follow a route which moves from brand recognition to consideration to research to validate to compare and then purchase. And thus it becomes important to take a holistic approach and make your online presence map each of the consumer behaviour stages.

The PR activities drive awareness about the brand, Social media promotes the brand and the value added content and thus fulfills the consideration stage. Blogging, done right, will help you to capture the consumer’s mind when they research on google before buying a product. Make sure your content is SEO friendly and is written in a way that showcases you as an expert in your field. Validation shall be justified with the product reviews section, hence try to get as many good reviews for your products as you can.

Hence, each platform for digital is dependent and relevant to each other in a way and all of them support the customer behaviour through the purchase route.

Take Away for SMEs

Curate a list of 20 publishers and conduct a press release for your brand availability and the pin points you will be focusing at. Create your social profiles and schedule posts using tools like hootsuite, buffer etc. Start blogging with tool like wordpress and let the world know more about your products, services and other neutral and informative content to present yourself as an expert in the field. Be consistent with blog posts, Social media posts and do Press release for any acquisition, for new technology or share your startup story.

The power that influences

Mountain Dew #NaamBanteHainRiskSe, in spite of having Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador Mountain Dew brought real achievers who risked their life to achieve fame. Padmashri Arunima Sinha, the first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest,; Padmashri Shital Mahajan, the youngest woman to jump over North and South poles, and many others comprised the video driven campaign. And the campaign gained immense popularity among the common man, which was the ultimate goal of the company.

So the point there is, peer and influencer endorsements are making huge success in digital grounds. The word spread by peer and real life heroes has more power than the celebrities who read the script.

Take Away for SMEs

Find the influencers in your field, ask them to review your product and share views and in exchange you can offer some vouchers or freebies. For example if you are into spices and herbs, you can curate a list of food bloggers and ask them to write about you. Or ask people who bought your product to spread the word.

Leverage the ‘moment’ marketing

This is clever marketing. Leveraging the news or a moment justly for your brand name is moment marketing. The marketing which Amul is good at for a long time. The recent case was when the brand took a dig on Aishwarya’s Purple lipstick in the Cannes Red carpet and gained huge popularity on social media.

Take Away for SMEs

Effectively putting your voice in trending conversations and with relevant hashtags and communities can let your brand become visible to your audience. But it has to be quick and clever enough to map with the real time event. For example, if you are offering health drinks or dairy products, or fitness products then leveraging the Rio Olympics is one of the best moment to be marketed for your brand.

Thoughtful content campaigns

Create campaigns for your customers to contribute and add new customers. Maggi’s share your two minute story was a huge success, it was crafted strategically and was promoted thoughtfully. These campaigns make the customer-brand relation more personal and loyal.

Take Away for SMEs

Try to add campaigns in your complete digital marketing strategy. It could be anything, a photo contest, a slogan participation, sharing a story, sharing a art piece etc. For example if you are a new entry in apparel segment, you can run a selfie campaign asking your customers to share their selfies wearing your brand along with relevant hashtags and in return you can offer some incentives or goodies.

Videos to share

Brand storytelling and explainer videos are viral these days. More and more video content is being consumed via social media and hence, undoubtedly YouTube has become the second most popular search engine after google.

Videos not only serve the purpose of explaining your brand story and product explainers, they also emotionally resonate with combination of sound, motion and visual aspects and make a deeper impact on your audience, than just a plain image or text. Unbounce says that using videos on landing pages can boost conversion up to 80%.

Videos if made correctly, can connect to your audience’s heart and soul. One of the most viral videos, the Rajasthan tourism, did its job very well. It turned out to be a huge motivator for audience to visit and see the beauty of Rajasthan.

Take Away for SMEs

Create small video bytes of  your satisfied customers or even your employees sharing their experience while associating with the brand. Nothing touches the customer’s heart but the real people and emotions. For example if you are a handicraft brand, you can share videos on craft at home or best out of waste videos asking your viewers to visit your site for more products. Don’t forget to brand your videos with your logo or chosen color theme.

Get directly to your consumer Inbox

And lastly, nothing but putting your brand rightly and justly into the inbox of your customer’s email can make your brand recognisable. Unlike Social media platforms which have ability to minimise your online presence through penalties and algorithm updates, email marketing can reach out to as many people as you want.

Take Away for SMEs

Take care about the quality of your content while sending emails as only and only the great content has the ability to engage readers. Tools like Mailchimp and Dotmailer make this task much easier. All you have to do is upload your contact database and deploy it bang on time.

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