YourSpace : India’s first-of-its-kind Startup to Solve Self Storage Problem

Your Space

We struggle for the storage space when it comes to relocating /renovating the home, creating space for the new family member, wanting to reduce clutter around the house or safekeeping old furniture. The traditional models of warehousing and other transit service providers leave little options and flexibility for individuals. Your Space is solving this problem by providing comprehensive storage solutions designed to meet your personal or business storage needs. Your Space’s vision is to partner businesses and individuals in their quest for overcoming space constraints and bring world-class, professional and personalized service at their doorstep.

Fast Facts
Portal URL
Launch Date 01-03-2017
Solution Self Storage
Headquarter (City) Mumbai
Founders Name Ms. Disha Doctor, Mr. Viral Doctor
Number of employees 5-10
Monetization model Monthly Rentals
What Problem Does it Solve? 

In India, with real estate prices going up (average household sizes getting smaller and smaller) and with the economic growth of the country, purchasing power is increasing, this leads to their basic problem: space constraint.

Your Space is a first-of-its-kind startup to bring the concept of Self Storage to India. While the self-storage industry is a billion dollar industry abroad, the idea of Self Storage is practically non-existent in India. Hence paving its way in the industry. Your Space is launched right now in Mumbai, Pune, and Vadodara and will soon launch Pan-India.

The venture provides a convenient way for individuals and business to store their possessions more conveniently that serve the short-term and long-term needs. Whether due to any life changes or just simply due to the need of extra storage space, Your Space, brings Valet Storage service at your doorstep.

What To Expect From Portal?
  • Flexible Storage:  Ideally, anyone wanting to rent a warehouse will need to rent minimum not less than 5000-10,000 sq ft. So, if one wants less space, there are no options, your space provides flexible storage, their minimum space requirement for rent is only 8sq ft. and can increase as much as client needs. 
  • Insurance:  They provide insurance of stored good in their warehouses during the storage period and also while in transit. 
  • Specialty Storage:  They can provide environmentally controlled storage: From metal and wooden antiques to clothing, artifacts, and electronics, your cherished valuables need special protection when they are sensitive to environmental factors, temperature, and humidity.
  • Valet storage: making it easy, convenient and affordable 
  • Savings: Easy, affordable, hassle free

Your Space claims, taking away all the hassle one needs to incur in order to rent a storage unit due to: No Deposit, No service charge, No maintenance or utility charge, No brokerage,No lock-in period, No Advance, No complicated agreements/contracts to sign, No Hidden Cost, Flexible storage, Multiple site storage facilities across India and Dedicated Customer Service.

The Founders

Your Space Doctor a new business venture conceptualized and promoted by Mr. Viral Doctor (Currently Director with OEC Records Management Company Pvt. Ltd.) and Ms. Disha Doctor (Business System Analyst). With a collective experience of 30+ years in the records management business, Disha and Viral Doctor are committed to bringing storage solution to an individual’s doorstep.

Your Space

Viral Doctor, Co-founder : Your Space is the brainchild of Viral. Having led OEC Records Management Co. Pvt. Ltd. for over 16 years, he leveraged his experience and innovative approach to build the foundation of the business. With a rich experience in handling all business divisions, he brings a robust and customer-centric approach at Your Space.

Disha Doctor, Co-founder: Disha possesses in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the business. She plays the role of creative head and has an understanding of technology. As a DevOps Manager, she is the bridge between development, quality, and technology teams. She directly looks after all operations of the company.

Founder’s advice to budding Startups?

“You need to tap into the problem and create a solution for it. Create the product /service for it and keep it simple. Make a difference and give back to your society”


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