India’s Largest Street Collaboration

The youth in India has always been shaped and influenced by Bollywood. The celluloid and the larger than life image of these superstars have been the biggest influencers in chasing the trends in the choice of fashion, music, and language that is being used. 

Today with the technology and the reach to the masses that it has enabled the scene is slowly changing. The quirky and the unbraced with a unique voice and outlook are being accepted by the people at large. One such venture is the Suede Gully. Wondering what is it? Let’s find out.

Suede Gully is the new expression and a tribute to this unadulterated and raw talent of this new India. Suede Gully brings to the audience the true essence of street art; these gullies will now serve as the canvas for these inspired souls. This is where art meets rebellion, where culture meets swag and where music meets color.

Featuring 58 artists (street artists, dancers, and rappers) led by Divine, Mukti Mohan, and Shilo Shiv Suleiman, Suede Gully is India’s largest street art collaboration. It’s a movement that revolves around street artists who will share their experiences through various forms of authentic and unadulterated art and story-telling.

This music video is something that India has never witnessed before. Shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Madurai, and Shillong to bring out the culture of the streets in the most authentic way.

Composed by Sneha Khanwalkar, featuring 4 different languages, choreographed by 4 dance crews against dramatic backgrounds of 4 cities across India, taken over by 7 extremely talented street artists and directed by Sasha Jairam.


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