International Women’s Day Special: Powerful Quotes For The Women and By The Women

eBusiness India wishes a very Happy Women’s Day to all the awesome ladies out there.

As rightly said by Margaret Thatcher “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.  Today’s woman owns ambitions, dreams and high spirits. Despite her hard juggle between personal and professional life, she turns out to be a good leader. She instills positivity and works towards the betterment of the society.

eBusiness India has compiled a list of inspirational quotes of many great women to raise a toast to the real heroes of the society. Indeed, every woman deserves a celebration for their hard and never ending work. 

# 1

“While it is very important in life to follow your passion and dream big. It is also equally important to figure out that your passion is in sync with your goal. Always have clarity in what you want to achieve and work towards making it real. Always do a need gap analysis to figure out that is your business module really practical and how will it help you and others. It is we the “Women Of Today” who can inspire each other and make a difference for a better and brighter tomorrow.”

Charu Sachdev, Co-Founder, RockNShop

# 2

“Running a business means that you will be spending long hours working in and on your business, so choose an industry that you are passionate about. When you are passionate, it brings out your enthusiasm and a strong belief in what you are doing and that translates to your employees and customers, creating a win-win situation for all. Women entrepreneurs must also remember that even small businesses can be profitable, particularly if they target an unexplored segment. You need to look carefully to find a niche opportunity.”

Manju Dhawan, Co-founder, Ecom Express Private Limited

# 3

“Women entrepreneurs are highly respected in today’s world, and with the progress in technology, when an ever-increasing number of individuals are exposed to internet, entrepreneurs are taking to E-commerce websites which increase viewer exposure. One needs to start by understanding the business niche. Understanding complete customer experience requires combining the knowledge of the product, with the market trends as well as the customer demands.  A woman’s touch and her instincts bring in new insights to the business. The most important thing is to have a profound commitment to success.”

Ragini Mehra, Founder, Beauty Source

# 4

“I would like to quote what I believe should be the igniting thought to promote more women entrepreneurs in this country i.e., Every woman should carefully observe which way her heart draws her, and then choose that way with all her strength. I would like to convey my best regards to all the Women, and also those Men who back women to allow them to not be confined to their homes and face the world hands on.”

Zahara Haji Gilani, Chairperson, Esar Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd.


“It is very essential to be passionate about your creative ability and give it recognition.  Be committed to deliver growth and learn about the industry to enrich your knowledge. Success can be easily accessible if you strive hard to work on the skills necessary for the industry.”

Sonal Sahrawat, Creative Head, & Adawna

# 6

“Your destiny lie’s in your own hand, learn from every opportunity life gives you. Don’t be worried by what you don’t know, It could very well be an opportunity for you to do it differently.”


Meghna Agarwal, Co-founder, Indiqube

# 7

“If you love something, then just go for it. Believe in it and take charge, success will be yours. Never aim for success as your goal because once you trust in yourself and do what you love with complete passion, the dreams are yours.”


Smriti Bhatia, Founder, Choco House

# 8

“Women who seek equality with men lack ambition. It’s time to make our own identity and discover the new heights of success. The opportunities are same for all of us; all we have to do is stop seeing us the weaker gender and utilize all we have to turn those opportunities into success.”


Swati Dayal, co-founder and Executive Director,

# 9

“In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to be fearless! The fear of failure is often what stops one from being successful. So go ahead and start and don’t overthink. Trust your instincts and know your market. Most importantly, expect no miracles! Businesses take time to blossom. Be relentless and go for it! Stay away from analysis paralysis. Accept advice but also acknowledge that you know your product best and are best equipped to manage it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because no one can go the whole distance alone. Know in your heart that this is your baby and you can nurture it.”


Varsha Vadhyar, Co-founder,

# 10

Any successful female entrepreneur would be able to make a difference in the workplace, not only in keeping with the corporate diversity, but also in terms of her leadership and the way she is able to communicate her aspirations to her colleagues. It’s about time we move away from the clichéd questions, that are sprinkled all over the Internet like “Are you an optimist?”  And focus on diligently delivering our business goals. These would be the traits that would perfectly set apart a successful female entrepreneur.


Sonya Hooja, Co founder & COO at Imarticus Learning

# 11

“You can have the most traditional education and yet do the most untraditional things in life. Never be afraid of learning new things even if you get to do it much, much later in life. And you always don’t have to be a rebel to do what you want to do

Shilpy Gupta, Founder, CeramicTrail

# 12

“Never let anything stop you from reaching for the stars. Don’t be afraid of anyone, and meet obstacles head on and don’t hesitate to try new things or ventures. Look at them as challenges to be overcome. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your family, your friends. Be bold, be brave and success will surely land at your feet”


Dr. Hemapriya Natesan, Founder,

# 13

“Opportunities are rarely offered, they are ceased. She believes in the past 20 years, things have changed a lot. The hunger and ability to learn new things have been helped us become so absorbent just like sponges. It has also put an impact in the society that women are no less than men. With a positive expectation, attitude and feeling she concludes that the day is not far when women will be a leader in her own self.”

Dr. Rita Bakshi, Founder & Chairperson, International Fertility Centre

# 14

“A job allows you to experiment but within a certain framework. We risked the cushion a job offers and chose the freedom to invest in things we are passionate about and thus Leading Lines was born. As an entrepreneur, everyday is a do or die situation and we choose to do”

Brenna Ribeiro, Co-founder, Leading Lines

# 15

“Believe in yourself, spend time reflecting, get your hands dirty, and don’t be afraid of- making mistakes,  dreaming big, or doing something wildly different. Put on your favourite pair of pants on and go conquer the world!”

Mitali Tandon, Co-Founder and CEO, Morning Fresh

# 16

“It is easy to get an idea but  what is important is to implement it the way you want. Observation plays a big role in any business and don’t get intimidated by the things you don’t know. Observe it, then learn it and give your best shot. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task for anyone, especially if you are women. It is very important to build a team who shares the same vision as yours and as a leader you should practice the behavior you want your team to follow.”


Sunaina Agarwal, Executive Director & Promoter,Trabaajo

# 17

I believe entrepreneurship comes more naturally to women because of their multi micro and macro management qualities. But most of the times women hesitate to take the plunge which they shouldn’t in anyway. More confidence building and most importantly self-realization is required to encourage them into converting their energies to more economy-oriented ‘working for your own self’ roles which fit into the more conventional definition of ‘entrepreneurship’. So, dream, desire and sew your own wings.”

Shuchi Gangwal, Owner & Principal Designer, Kypsa

# 18

“As an entrepreneur, it is very important to keep following your passion and keep finding ways through obstacles. Work to be happy, believe in yourself and everything will fall into place!”

Parushni Aggarwal, Founder, StudioCREO

# 19

“As an ardent supporter for Feminism, celebrating Women’s day is kind of a cliché …I believe in Equality, hence having a specific day to celebrate women is a bit of a paradox…but yet when I see the struggle women go through to prove themselves every day…in the workplace, at home, as a daughter, as a mother, as a wife, as house wife as working women…a continuous struggle to prove that we deserve equal treatment, an omnipresent struggle to break or circumvent glass ceilings in every conceivable field…to break taboos, to reshape society’s definition of what a women should be…having a day dedicated to “us” perhaps make sense…(beyond the hashtags of consumerism of course)… Today apart from wishing my fellow women…I wished Men too…those who I know, truly uphold the idea of equality…who have respected me and treated me as equals…yes I wished Men…Happy Women’s Day!”

Anasua Mitra, Marketing Leader, Wienerberger India

# 20

“Being a women entrepreneur trying to introduce new tech in the HR industry, I would suggest everyone to not get bogged down by the jargons your tech team use. You can and will learn everyday.  Also, you are here for the journey of building something insane. A destination in your head is good, but dont be afraid to shift the goal post. More power to us!”

Barkha Sharma, CEO, BASH.AI

# 21

“Don’t let anyone underestimate you. You are powerful and you can do it”

Tula Longchar, AVP, Comezzo


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