Assam Chalks Out Plan to Make Cashless Payments Compulsory

The Centre is trying all possibilities to create a cashless Indian economy. Taking a cue from the current situation, the Assam government has come up with an ‘action plan’ that helps in promoting digital payments all through the state.

The Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that the state is taking all the required steps to make all the payments and receipts in the state government digitally. With this time bound decision in sight, the CM discussed major points with the representatives of RBI, major bankers, BSNL as well as other important departmental heads of the state government. The discussion was related to the measures to be adopted for making digital payment easy within the state.

The concerned departments will give out the non-governmental entities such as private hospitals, educational institutions, shops, and establishments, necessary advisories and directions. This will help phase out all cash transactions and make digital payment a norm within a fixed time limit.

With this in mind, all the relevant Acts and Rules will be amended, so that digital payment can be made using Point of Sale (POS) machines. The government is also exploring all possibilities related to providing incentives for digital payment and disincentives for cash payments.

BSNL and the IT Department were instructed by the CM to work in the shadow areas and help overcome all issues in a time bound frame to help improve the connectivity.

The representatives of Goan Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies are also to be sensitized regarding the drive for digital payment. They need to understand the advantages of digital payments with the help of a committee at the district level. The committee will be under the Deputy Commissioners as well as the DCC and DLCC mechanism.

Along with all the banks and stakeholders, the state government is carrying out an intensive campaign to rope in the common man to make digital payment an effortless and successful mission by 31st March 2017.

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