What happened at The World Startup Expo Bengaluru, Nov 21-23, 2016

The world startup expo was a tremendous platform which brought investors, innovative startups, entrepreneurs and ideas.  In this post, we bring you the highlights, curated tweets and the key thoughts of #WSE to your reading device.

#WSE witnessed

  • 5000+ visitors
  • 260+ innovative startup stalls
  • 60+ speakers (Investors, Founders, Govt representatives)

World Startup Expo – Photo Gallery

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Day 1 (Nov 21)

ALCOR Fund’s George Molakal: George spoke about modern day entrepreneurship and its challenges. He highlighted tenets of FOCUS and TENACITY for startups to succeed.

ALCHEMIST ACCELERATOR Ravi Belani: Eloquently spoke about Moore’s Law and how it should inspire and propel modern day startups to be not just 2X better than current competitors, but to be 10X better. Only this would eventually define the success of a startup.

Innov8’s Dr. Ritesh Malik: Dr. Malik is a Doctor on paper, but a true economist and an entrepreneur at heart. He took the audience through his childhood challenges and his constant drive to be an entrepreneur.

Fireside Chat with Baybars Altuntas: Turkey’s Dragon (of Dragon’s Den) was put to test with questions regarding the Indian startup eco system to why startups fail. A member of the audience even asked for Baybars take on President-Elect Donald Trump. Read here for a detailed interview.

Hackathon: Over 2000 software developers at WSE Hackathon 36-hours battle.

Day 2 (Nov 22)

Fireside Chat with FURLENCO’s Ajit Mohan Karimpana: FURLENCO is built on an idea of true disruption. In it’s core, the company believes that it is about to change the perception of Indian’s on furniture. Ajit (Founder of FURLENCO) talks about product differentiation, challenges of raising funds, company culture and the future of startups in India.

Panel on Challenges and how to overcome them for women entrepreneurs: The esteemed panel consisted of Priti Sawant (JoulestoWatts), Sara El Madani (SME minister for the UAE), Sabina Chopra (Yatra), & Manjul Kudbe (Seclore). The panel shared their experiences of beating quaint conventions to succeed from building successful business and at running an entire ministry.

A Legal Keyonte on the Nuances of startup funding by Vertices Partners: This presentation took the audience through an educative process of how, what, when, and where to prepare for raising funds through investors. And Vinayak from Vertices Partners spoke about the necessity to use the investor’s expertise and network (not just their money) to build good startups.

Day 3 (Nov 23)

Startup World Cup 2017: This is an esteemed and a world famous competition held at progressive and startup conducive cities around the world. And it was Bengaluru’s turn to host the #SWC2017. A platform for innovative startups to interact with a panel of judges and get valid points and suggestions.

The Exhibition floor for networking: The exhibition was open for all three days of the expo and was flooded with more than 250 stall from innovative startups showcasing their products and services to visitors, investors and everyone else. All three days gave a fine opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas.

The World Startup Expo is an initiative by Cocoon Ventures:


and Organized by Trescon Global:


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