#MakeIndiaDiabetesFree – A Thoughtful Digital Campaign by Fortune


Fortune brand of vegetable oils, by Adani Wilmar Ltd, the leading manufacturer and distributor of cooking oils and food products has launched a digital campaign with the aim to spread awareness on diabetes by inspiring healthy living. The campaign called #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree inspires healthy living.

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) pegs India as the diabetes capital of the world. It is one of the most talked about diseases the world over and especially in India where there are more people with Type 2 Diabetes than those in any other country. WHO estimates that 80 per cent of diabetes deaths occur in low and middle income countries and projects that such deaths will double between 2016-2030.

It is therefore more important than ever that awareness of this chronic disease is spread to people at risk of diabetes and diabetics alike. The #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree Campaign launches on 10th of November and runs through 14th November (World Diabetes Day).

This year’s World Diabetes Day is themed on ‘Eye on Diabetes’. Fortune will tie its campaign to emphasize on promoting a proactive lifestyle and the importance of screening for the disease to ensure early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and its treatment.

Mr. Angshu Mallick, Chief Operating Officer at Adani Wilmar Ltd. said that “Diabetes is fast gaining the status of an epidemic in India with more than 62 million individuals currently diagnosed with the disease. Awareness of the disease and detection at an early stage is important to reduce the risk of complications.  Our campaign #MakeIndiaDiabetesFree is inspiring individuals to stay ahead of this deadly disease by leading a balanced lifestyle of exercise and eating right with an overall happy outlook. Fortune is committed to helping diabetics fight the disease. Our VIVO Oil has ingredients proven to improve insulin sensitivity, helping reduce blood-sugar levels and efficiency of anti-diabetic medicines. We look forward to seeing a diabetic free India with people taking more responsibility of their health.”

The whole campaign will be leveraged through digital media that will start with creating interest and curiosity about staying ahead in life and then bursting on social media with the release of a digital film where our protagonist overcomes his pre-diabetic dilemma by living life to the fullest by eating right and staying fit. He is also looking into the well being of friends and family by encouraging a positive lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure is an age old saying and Fortune has implemented this through this campaign. Fortune takes a bold step through its campaign to make people responsible for their own lives, making them realise that they need to take onus, take the first step and protect themselves from this disease by arming themselves with information.

There will also be a quiz validated by nutritionist Neha Chandna as a part of the campaign which will let people know if they are pre-diabetic or are liable to get diabetes in the future. The interest through the race to World Diabetes Day will be maintained by using India’s top food and fitness influencers. The influencers will engage in conversations with the online target audience and will lead up to a big bang on D-day where surprises are in store for some of those who participated in the run up.

Ultimately the objective of this campaign is to boost the awareness about diabetes and ask people not to fight it but stay ahead and take ownership towards a healthy India vision towards 2030.

About: Adani Wilmar Ltd. (AWL), under its flagship brand Fortune, launched a pioneering product, FortuneVIVO Diabetes-Care Oil, which is India‘s 1st diabetes care oil and the latest innovation in the Indian cooking oil segment, earlier this year. Fortune VIVO Diabetes-Care Oil has been developed through years of painstaking research & development. Its components help lower the high blood sugar level and enhance the efficiency ofanti-diabetic medications improving insulin sensitivity in Type II Diabetes by controlling high blood pressure. It is clinically proven to help manage diabetes.

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