World Startup Expo 2016, Asia’s biggest Startup event is here to help you succeed

world-startup-expo-by-cocoon-venturesThe biggest Start-up event that you cannot miss is being hosted in Bangalore from November 21-23, 2016 – the World Startup Expo, being conducted and held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. With two pitch competitions, one hackathon, thousands of start-ups and corporates, hundreds of investors, incubators and accelerators, thousands of business angels and technology developers, prominent speakers and even government associations, the World Start-Up Expo promises to be an invigorating melting pot. If you are – or want to be – a part of the start-up ecosystem, this event is a must visit.

Why You Must Attend

  • If you are a start-up, you need to be there for the exposure, the networking and the myriad opportunities! You will meet incubators, accelerators, VCs and angel investors who may be interested in your business and your ideas. You will meet mentors who may guide you, and other start-ups and professionals with whom you can brainstorm. There are two pitching competitions as well, which you must participate in and take the benefits available.
  • If you are an established entrepreneur, visit to scour for start-ups that capture your imagination and which you would like to mentor. If you are looking to expand your business or your areas of interest, you could co-found an entity or business idea and offer your expertise.
  • If you are a VC/ investor, this is the place to be! Those start-ups that know not to miss a great opportunity and make the best of what’s handed to them will be here, and they will bring their A game. Converse, network, appraise, judge and where you feel inspired by a start-up, invest.

Events  / Tracks 

a. 100 Open Start-Ups, Level 3 Pitch Competition: Nov 22, 2016

worldstartupexpo_100-open-startups-1The platform is called 100 Open Start-Ups, and leading global forces evaluate and rank start-ups worldwide. If you’re one of the 30 shortlisted start-ups, you will get the opportunity to pitch before 150 curated investors and corporates. The leading 5 start-ups will travel to Sau Paulo and compete in the Level 4 Pitch.

b. Start-up World Cup 2017, India Edition: Nov 23, 2016

The Indian Edition is one of the 16 regional events that is part of the global Start-up World Cup conference and competition. Participating in the Indian Edition at this expo can help you be shortlisted for the Start-up World Regional Cup. You may also be shortlisted to join the mentorship programme of Cocoon Venture, a VC based out of Dubai. The grand prize is US $ 1,000,000 (or approximately INR 7 Crore), for which 16 start-ups will compete on March 24, 2017 in San Francisco;

c. WSE Exhibition: Nov 21-23, 2016

Featuring the most disruptive and innovative start-ups from over ten industries ranging from education and healthcare to manufacturing, life sciences, agriculture, energy and financial services, banks and technology providers, this Exhibition is the place to be. Besides the exposure and experience, 25 shortlisted start-ups will use this Exhibition as their Launchpad to Success.

D. WSE Conference and Masterclasses: Nov 21-22, 2016

The Conference will be attended by 500+ persons (comprising of Investors and HNIs, Start-ups, Corporates and Government and Industry Associations) and 60+ speakers and experts. The topic categories for the conference and masterclasses are:

  • Financing for Start-ups – The Do’s and the Don’ts, how to stand apart and the various options for financing that are available;
  • Business and Productivity – The latest innovations and hacks to increase efficiency and resultantly, productivity, including big data, cloud systems, artificial intelligence etc.;
  • Policies and Their Influence – In the Indian context, what are the policies that are applicable to and which influence start-ups. The challenges that the policies pose now, the shape they make take in the future and how policy makers can make them supportive for more growth in the country;
  • Global Thought Leaders – The experiences of global leaders, positive as well as negative. What they have learnt, and how they have learnt it.
  • & More  – Discussion between various successful entrepreneurs regarding the challenges they faced and how they overcame the same, and how best to go about business.
e. World Tech Hackathon: Nov 21-22, 2016

world-tech-hackathon_wseAvailable to individuals or teams of 5 people or less, hackathon’s will be on for those willing to take the plunge in 4 categories – Education, Healthcare, Fintech and Travel and Tourism. You will have 36 hours to innovate. Winning teams in each category will receive INR 1,00,000/-, free co-working space for 6 months and other prizes as well. Runners up will receive free co-working space for 3 months, and all participants will receive 3 months’ free usage of the Hasura Platform. For more details – Hackathon

F. WSE Awards: Nov 23, 2016

If all of the above wasn’t enough, there are many awards to be given away as well. There are 20 categories of awards for organizations, ranging from public service, agribusiness, retail, sports, financial services, food and even an open Challenge category! There are 6 categories for individuals, including Youth Founder and Female Founder for the year 2016, as well as the Top 25 most innovative companies. The WSE website elucidates here the eligibility criteria for these awards, as also what the Judges are looking for.

Key Speakers, Business Angels, Investors and Attendants

There are so so many, but to name a few:

  • H.E. Sara Al Madani, Board member at UAE SME & Enterprise Council;
  • Ravi Belani, MD at Alchemist Accelerator, United States;
  • Baybars Altuntas, Global entrepreneur & Angel investor;
  • Kunal Kapoor, Actor and Co-founder at Ketto;
  • Ankita Vashistha, Founder at Saha Fund;
  • Harry Tomi Davies, President at African Business Angel network;
  • Amit Gupta, co-founder InMobi;
  • Sandeep Agarwal, Founder Shopclues and Droom;
  • Sabina, Co Founder and COO Corporate Hotels,;
  • Padmaja Ruparel, Co Founder and President at IAN;
  • Jerome Masurel, CEO at 050 Partners;
  • Anil Chhikara, Anchor Judge and Principal at Jaarvis Accelerator;
  • Benno Groosman, Founding Director and Business Director at startups and surge-on medical;
  • Cecilia Gouby, Startups and Incubator Partnerships at Microsoft;
  • Alain Sarfati, Founder and CEO at Meta Factory;
  • Muthu Singaram, CEO IIT Madras HTIC Incubator;
  • Mumbai Angels, Chandigarh Angels Network, African Business Angel Network, Indian Angel Network, Turn 8, Saha Fund, World Business Angel Network and CIO Angel Network & more

If you are a start-up, or have a great idea and want to start a start-up, or a small business which would like to innovate and expand, or an angel investor or an entrepreneur looking to invest in some great minds and hard work – if you’re anyone even remotely connected to or interested in the start-up ecosystem that is taking India and the world by a storm, be there. Need we say more?


The World Startup Expo is an initiative by Cocoon Ventures:


and Organized by Trescon Global:


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