NARAD a digital learning platform, aims to impact the lives of 43.5 million youth in next 10 yrs

NARAD by Upskill

With multiple organizations implementing skill development programmes across the country with different curricula and daily operational issues of data management, Upskill felt the need to create a unifying technology platform called NARAD.  NARAD is the outcome of realization to create a single platform that would cater to the essential objectives of all stakeholders of the skill development industry through easy and standardized learning, seamless tracking and monitoring and efficient placement and career management.




With NARAD, UpSkill has taken an initiative towards bringing innovation in education by introducing a digital platform in the vocational training sector to enable innovative teaching and learning. NARAD also enables employers to scale up businesses by providing them with unique solutions for their requirement for skilled manpower. A special feature allows real-time data streaming of the current and future availability of candidates along with information on which skill and which location the candidate will be available in. This would further let the businesses plan for their manpower requirements. Additionally, employers can even host their proprietary content on NARAD, so that the potential employees they are looking to hire can be trained as per their training curriculum, thereby saving the time and investment on training the hired employees.


“The future of India’s growth lies with its youth and it is this youth that needs to be armed with the right skills. Vocational skill training is the most effective tool to empower our youth with sustainable livelihoods and dignity of labor. At UpSkill we aim is to deliver this training in a scalable and sustainable manner without compromising on quality” – Mansi Agarwal, CEO

the stakeholders

For the student – The mobile app and web platform will be single point tools for enrolling into a vocational school, learning a skill and tracking his/her performance, certification, upgrading his skills, managing his placement as well as alumni networking.

For the vocational school– NARAD  is a learning platform.

For the industry /employers– NARAD is a repository of trade and location wise skilled candidates that helps the industry to hire and plan future hiring processes of the relevant labor force. This is also a platform where the industry can request training partners to train candidates using curriculum specific to them to reduce induction time.

For the monitoring agency/funding agency– The platform is a repository of all projects’ database with reporting and tracking.  It is also a planning tool that uses database analytics to help plan and strategize further funding of schemes.

Monetization model

NARAD’s business model is SAAS based wherein the monetization occurs from per user license fee for the use of the platform. The users of the platform are –

  • Training providers who train students for vocational skills
  • Individuals who wish to skill and up-skill themselves
  • Industries that need to hire the pool of trained manpower available on the NARAD platform.

UpSkill has received funding from Ministry of Minority Affairs as well as Ministry of Rural Development for training and placing students. The technology platform NARAD has been completely bootstrapped so far and they are now ready with the beta version of the platform to go to the market.

Current Traction
  1. Trained over 2300 students on this platform
  2. Under training- 1900 students
  3. Placed over 1850 students

The NARAD platform is being tested in its beta version and sample data of close to 10,000 users forms the testing database.

Expansion Plan

UpSkill intends to advance as a training partner with an aim to train over 20,000 people in the next 10 years constantly using their training centers as laboratories to develop products that can enhance the training process for all stakeholders.

With the key product NARAD, the venture hopes to impact the lives of close to 43.5 million youth who will be part of the skill ecosystem in India in the next 10 years. Besides this other training partners, assessment bodies and industries will be benefitting from the use of NARAD in many ways.

About UpSkill

UpSkill Management is a social impact venture with more than 3 years of expertise in the skill development industry. UpSkill has been training underprivileged youth in rural, semi –rural and urban areas of India and helping them find gainful employment. UpSkill has trained and placed over 2500 students since its inception in 2013 in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. The prime purpose of UpSkill Management is to build an education system that is practical and links directly to the requirements of the industries. Therefore, UpSkill is designed to address the human capital challenge by providing underprivileged youth easy access to employment linked vocational training.

With recent developments and increased focus on the skills industry by the Indian Government as well as industry leaders, UpSkill has evolved further by creating a deep impact at the grassroots levels. This has been made possible by working with different ministries such as Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA) and Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) in setting up residential and non-residential vocational training centers across Gujarat and Rajasthan. The current focus of UpSkill has been on designing innovative training and placement models for the youth using technological interventions.

Awards and Accolades

Upskill Management has won several accolades for its great efforts and dedication. Besides winning the 2012 Social Entrepreneurship Challenge at Kellogg India Business Conference, Upskill also won the runners up position at 2012 International Impact Investing Competition – 13C ( San Francisco). In 2013, the venture was invited to present at the prestigious Milken Global Conference.Additionally, their DD-GKY Surat center was awarded the best residential training centre by MoRD in 2015.

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