, India’s First Community Driven Wedding Planning Solutions Startup

Wedding is the most important time of your life when you want everything perfect and according to your own choice as well. This is your special day that you have been waiting for and now when it is finally right around the corner, you don’t want to leave any room for the mistakes and flaws. Wedding planning is a task, which is daunting and rather overwhelming for a person to go with.

WedWise– India’s largest Online Wedding community is revolutionizing the way brides & grooms are connecting with vendors for wedding planning solutions. It’s a real time vendor recommendation platform directly from people who have used their services earlier. This community was started in May 2015, taking the Social Media by storm.

The Founder

Ginny Kohli completed her Electronic & Computer engineering degree in the UK and worked as a design engineer for almost 2 years for Trent1000 & BR725 engines of Rolls Royce in the UK. She then moved back to India in 2010 and finished her MBA to join Groupon in 2012. And worked for Groupon as a consultant for 2.5 yrs .


WedWise is an online advisory & discussion platform on Facebook with an effort to help people get ideas, discover new trends and book authentic & credible vendors who are backed by customer delight to have a stress-free way of planning a perfect wedding. Indian wedding market is flooded with all sorts of wedding services & professionals but to find the one that fits an individual’s need and budget is always a task. This is where WEDWISE comes into play. “ says Ginny Kohli, Founder & CEO, WedWise.

From Mom-N-Pop Boutiques to the A-listers, Wedwise aims to explore and share the hidden & popular gems of every city with the help of its members in order to help people plan a perfect wedding.

Wedding experts, newlyweds & like-minded brides & grooms globally, are invited to become a part of this community to showcase their work, share tips & discuss their expertise in the field.

Here, local vendors such as Trousseau packers, Gift box designers, wedding gifting solutions providers have got a platform to interact with their target customers.

What got her to this Start up

Considering the no. of weddings we have in our country, this sector remains chaotic and confusing. We have close to 15000 weddings (on an average) during the busy season in Delhi alone.

She strongly believe, Websites are not engaging and don’t allow interaction with the Wedding Vendor instantly so the list of over 10 vendors in the same category confuses the to-be-weds more.

As India’s first Community- Driven Wedding Start-Up, WedWise envisions to revolutionize the way weddings are planned in India. It is an effort to help prospective Brides & Grooms to get ideas, discover new trends and book authentic & credible wedding vendors through real-time recommendations instantly.

With over 24,000 highly engaging and interactive members, including wedding experts, newlyweds & like-minded brides & grooms in India, WedWise allows wedding professionals to showcase their work, share tips & discuss their expertise in the field and help other members plan their wedding instantly & effectively.

From small –scale entrepreneurs, freelancers to big players in the industry are a part of the WedWise Community. We have successfully managed to create a platform for entrepreneurs who operate from home such as floral jewelry experts, bakers, trousseau packers, freelance makeup artists and small boutique owners allowing them to showcase their work and easily reach out to their target audience

With each query raised and resolved, WedWise reaches a step closer to their ambition of easy wedding planning in India

WedWiseTV – India’s 1st Wedding Infotainment Youtube Channel

WedWise TV is India’s first Wedding Infotainment YouTube Channel. Determined to create videos and visuals that not only tell a story, but also educate, inform and prepare to-be-weds about the challenges that follow the announcement. With a series of Videos centered around some of the major parts and issues regarding wedding planning, we aim to bridge the gap between experts and newcomers. For the same reason, our videos shall feature some of the seasons wedding professionals sharing their valuable experiences.

We want prospective brides and grooms to gain some super useful insights that will help them plan the wedding they’ve always dreamt of.

WedWise Blog

India’s favorite Online Wedding Community WedWise now launches the WedWise Blog. 

As an extension of the endeavour to do something unique and helpful for the prospective Brides and Grooms, WedWise Blog aims to provide the most curated information and helpful tips that is required to rock your wedding day.

From the latest trends to the best venues, from real wedding inspiration to the Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Planning, WedWise Blog will share everything that will help ease your wedding stress. We’ll surely go that extra mile to give you the best of the contemporary ideas for your wedding day.

So whether you’re embarking upon the wedding countdown or just adding the final touches, WedWise Blog will surely add to your Big Day in a Big Way!

So get exploring and browse through the information specially curated by the Wise Ninjas at WedWise & also a collection of Indian Weddings documented to inspire you and make your wedding day, even more special.

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