Exploring Synergy Between European and Indian Startup Ecosystems, A Sneak Peak into the #SEIS2016

Organized by Startup Europe India Network, in collaboration with the Startup Europe initiative of the European Commission, STARTUP EU-INDIA SUMMIT (“SEIS”) was the first of its kind, bringing together the European and Indian Startup ecosystems – Startups, Scaleups, Investors, Corporates, and Policy Makers. SEIS’ aim was to explore growth and investment opportunities and explore insights about the European and Indian digital markets. It was indeed a great engagement with high-level speakers, thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and impactful policy makers.

A Sneak Peak into the Summit

“Through Motherbrain we would be able to enter a company before anyone does”- Ted Persson, Design Partner, EQT Ventures

An insight on Motherbrain, a project of EQT Ventures

It is a software tool to track people, companies, VC’s, events. Currently it is tracking half a billion people in real time using Machine Learning, Neural Networks for Ranking and Scoring. With the huge database created, there would be alerts updated, wherein they would be able to track all the insights of startups and VC’s – “what is trending in the market”. With this they would be able to reach out to the firms before anyone else.

They would be looking forward to build it in a way that it could take investment decisions on behalf of the VCs, through the data.

Panel Discussion: Policy Makers

Bringing together European and Indian Policy makers and Experts to discuss policy initiatives to build a favorable ecosystem for startups.


On transformation of startup ecosystem:

“There was always a small section about startups in the newspapers but now after one and half years there are full two page for that”- Mr. Klaus Pendl First Counsellor- ICT, EU Delegation to India

E-Residents program shall soon open for Indian startups – wherein they can have businesses in Estonia operating from India.

The power of connecting startups ecosystems across the world


“Its not about giving public money into the ecosystem but connecting stakeholders and businesses” –Mr. Isidro Las Ballesteros, Head of Startup Section DG Connect, European Section

“Formula of success of startup= market* density of ecosystem/ cost”

Panel: Corporate Investments and Innovation


“The quality of Startups is world class now”

 “AI is all about huge database, which companies like Facebook and Google have, for startups it is very difficult to have that” –Mr Alok Bardiya, Director and Country Head, CISCO Investments

“In startups we look for traction, revenue, customers…”- Mr Anzy S Mohammed, VP, Strategic  Projects & Chief Evangelist – SAP Startup Studio

There should be differentiation in problem solving- how are you able to solve a problem differently. Mr Karthee Madasamy, VP and MD, Qualcomm Ventures India

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