Can Google Pixel be a game changer for the company with present retail strategies?


Google recently launched its smartphones Pixel in an endeavor to integrate its hardware and software divisions and augment as an alternative to Apple’s iPhone and other accelerating cloud technology platforms like Amazon. This American multinational technology company, Google aims to create an unconventional ecosystem which will orient its customers in new ways and imbibe company’s artificial assistant into the home and thereby strengthen the search functionalities.

The concept of a “Pure” Android smartphone which came into existence with company’s Nexus Program seems to be evolved with Pixel. The cutting edge Pixel phone’s features include sophisticated camera with 12.3-megapixel camera and large 1.55μm pixels and a built-in virtual assistant which can aid you in getting much smarter and responsive answers to just about any query. Daydream View which is a portable headset designed specifically for Android VR, adds on to the enticing traits of the product.

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google needs to come with grips with retailing its promising product to the consumers. In contrast with Apple Inc. which has its own retail stores helping it to emphasize its hardware in the best possible way Google has to depend on the third party for showcasing its products in its stores. Above that looking at the past records of the company, retail strategies of its smartphones have struggled to achieve the targeted success. In 2010 when the company launched its Nexus brand and considered online selling as the only option, the sales of the product never reached the desired peak. As per a person who worked on the product, Google speculated the several millions sold units but merely 200000 of first Nexus model were sold. In 2014, Google’s Android Silver got some momentum but again this product also got frizzled.


Now Google is selling its new Pixel Phones at Verizon Communications Inc. and Best Buy Co. stores in USA, via its own online store and through its wireless service Project Fi. It is also planning its retail in India and Germany and is working with some wireless carriers and retailers in the countries. If Google wants to outrun Apple’s iphone the company needs to rebuild the retail strategy. According to Thomas Husson Forrester Research analyst, Google will have to escalate its customer-service game and do several distribution partnerships.

Apple mulls over the product’s entire life and even put’s forward a recycling program through physical and online stores. On other hand, Google is still inexperienced in dealing with recycling and return, though the executives from Google hardware team believe that company is on a journey and is procuring experience and competence with every smartphone generation launched by the company.

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