Paytm To Power Cashless Payments For Bharat Gas


New Delhi: The giant player in largest mobile payment and ecommerce, Paytm, has good news for all Bharat Gas subscribers. Bharat Gas has partnered with Paytm to get offer of Payment-on-Delivery for its subscribers across India.

In upcoming months, the Bharat Gas users will have an option to pay cashless through their Paytm wallets. The cashless option by Paytm powered by Bharat Gas sets a new change in India with advancement in Technology.

The payment process is quite faster, convenient and time-saving for each gas delivery. Once a customer gets the gas delivered, he/she can pay the delivery boy using their Paytm QR Code hassle-free.

Currently, 400 Bharat Gas dealerships across India will allow Payment-on-Delivery with Paytm. In next few months, dealerships in India would expand from 400 to 1000 who would allow Paytm. This payment option would be a big relief for delivery boys who had to handle the hassling of delivery process along with a lot of cash regularly.

The Paytm payment option would also be a great help for customers as the payment would be made hassle-free and cashless from their mobiles or laptop comfortably at home. With such partnerships, no need to rush to nearest ATMs and let the delivery be time-consuming for delivery boys as well.

“We are on a mission to make India a cashless economy, and digitizing utility bill payments will play a key role in getting us there. Our partnership with Bharat Gas will transform the payment experience for our customers who can now pay for their LPG cylinders without fishing for small change.” stated by Mr. Kiran Vasireddy, Sr. Vice President of Paytm on partnership with Bharat Gas.

Soon over, the partnership will behold the power of Online-to-Offline sphere in our country. Paytm will make it supportive and speedy payment option for over four crore Indian homes who are powered by Bharat Gas.

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