“Know your customer better, build a robust product & do not give up” says founder of Dr. Bean, an online healthcare platform

Dr bean team

Dr. Bean is a connected healthcare platform wherein with the help of technology, the team is creating convenience to the customers in the healthcare space. It provides one stop solution to all health care needs which includes medicine delivery to the doorstep, diagnostics services, and doctor appointments.

Dr. Bean, formerly known as gvahealth.com, was born in the month of August 2015 when Anoop (founder) got admitted to a hospital and there were a lot of chaos in terms of services which made the founders leave their high-profile Jobs and take on the startup journey.

What problem does it solve?

The venture solves the fundamental issues in healthcare like standardization, accessibility & affordability.

Dr. Bean ebusiness india

Primary healthcare at the click of a button, the user can buy medicine from over 1.2 lakh medicine database, avail diagnostics services at home and book an appointment with doctor and travel hassle free in a Ola cab.

“Anything related to health just ring a bell. We at Dr Bean (Formerly Gvahealth.com) is more patient-centric and value based which means that we have understood the needs of the user/patient and adding real value rather than getting into discount wars. We believe that there is no way health can be discounted!” – Anoop Sharma, CEO, Dr. Bean

Current traction

Currently, the online platform boasts around 10000 registered users in Bangalore, 4000+ medical practitioners, 50+ pharmacy and 10 Diagnostics centers. With a monthly transaction of 1000 to 2000 with an average ticket size of Indian Rupees 1500.

The venture claims to have strategic partnerships with Ola and Star Health Insurance. The team is in a process of completing an agreement with HDFC to serve their employees and customer base.

Dr bean Startup Fact Sheet ebusiness india (1)

Delivering medicines within 1-2 hours is a major challenge

The venture sees a great opportunity in this sector. Key indications are – growing need of online healthcare due to digitization and an overall Indian healthcare market is expected to grow to $ 280 Billion by 2020. Further, team highlights some of the major challenges as delivery of medicines within 1 to 2 hours in all the cities and also deliver exactly the prescribed medicine without suggesting the alternatives.

The venture follows water tight model in Bangalore which is quite stable now. The team has developed this model with the advice from various domain experts. In the next 6-12 months, the team plans to replicate this model in 7 major cities in India. The venture is confident of on-boarding 10000 doctors, 500 pharmacies and 100 diagnostics in the coming days.

Advice to budding online startups?

“Know your target customer better, build a robust product & do not give up.” – Anoop Sharma, Founder & CEO, Dr. Bean

The team behind

Anoop Sharma: 28 year old Mechanical Engineer from VTU. Earlier he worked with Volvo trucks as Global Manager – Manufacturing Technology where he was responsible for 16 different Volvo factories across the globe managing a portfolio of 400 million $ with 75 people in the team.

Ashwyn Sreekantaswamy: 23 year old Electronics & communications engineer from VTU. Previously worked with Nokia Networks as  RnD Engineer 4G/LTE Technology. A hardcore programmer having hands on experience in writing complex algorithms for 4G technology.

Ramakrishna S: 31 year old commerce graduate. In his previous assignment, he worked with Volvo Trucks as Assistant Manager supply chain, Asia Pacific. He was responsible for developing and deploying supply chain strategies for Volvo factories in Asia.

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