WordKrowd, India’s First Online Platform for Literature Lovers

WordKrowd team(Founding team of WordKrowd) 

WordKrowd is a place for literature lovers to read and write Quotes, Essays, Stories and Poems all at a single place. Venture’s core purpose is to become a worthy platform for writers who put in their precious time and creative effort for the art they love and to reciprocate that by providing maximum impact for their literary works. The initial idea came from a college library project which soon evolved into WordKrowd as we saw potential in the idea.

What problem does it solve

There was no online site where writers could share their Quotes, Essays, Stories and Poems all in a single place with interested readers, this is the problem WordKrowd is  solving.  The venture has kept the site to a niche of these four kinds as these are the major forms of literature which writers and readers around the world love. The platform also focuses largely on the short form of content since the attention span is drastically reducing. Moreover, the platform provides a great way to connect readers and writers so that they complement each other’s needs.

What to expect from portal

1. For writers, WordKrowd is a beautiful place to share their write-ups among readers and get to know honest feedback on how they write.
2. For readers, WordKrowd provides great literary content to read, written by people who love literature as much as them.
3. The platform is also a great place to be among people who share the same interests and passion like them.

WordKrowd Startup Fact Sheet_ ebusiness India


The portal was launched publicly on March 13, 2016 and has on-boarded around 300 writers across the world, new users are coming in daily. Currently, portal  boasts around 10,000 page views per month. Slowly it is building its presence across social media platforms such as  Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter.

Challenges and opportunities in the industry

The online publishing industry is growing rapidly and millions of new content are being published on the internet. For a writer, it gets really difficult to showcase his work to the world in a way he wants to. For a reader, it gets difficult to choose what to read. This is the biggest challenge which the team takes as an opportunity and  provides a platform where both these problems are solved.

“The market size is tremendously huge as anyone who likes to read or write falls under our market. As the literacy levels go up, the market size shall keep on increasing. We are trying to reach out to maximum people who like to read and write literature”- The Founder

Monetization Model

Since it is an ad-free platform so native advertising  is an obvious source for the monetization.

The team is working  on initiating writing contests by associating with brands. Through this, writers could participate and win amazing prizes by doing what they love. This will also be interesting for readers as they will get to read great content.  The team is also planning to monetize the content written by authors directly. This plan is still in the ideation stage and will soon go under development.

Future plans

The founding team is  looking forward to launching mobile apps this year. The monetization will be a key focus for the growth. The venture focusing on new users acquisition and ensuring that users have a good experience on the portal. Overall, the team will make sure that they keep building features that users love and create a better platform for literature lovers. The venture is bootstrapped as of now and may seek for investments  to grow and expand further.

WordKrowd Model

Your advice to budding online startups

“We are a budding online startup ourselves but in the previous 2 years we have worked on WordKrowd, we have learnt many things that made us better as individuals and gave us deep insights into how things work. Perseverance plays a huge role, do what you believe in, having a core team with different major skills is important, try constantly to be efficient, focus on the big picture. These are a few things that we think are important not only for online startups but for our own selves. We are still learning new things as we grow and yes, that is an advice too, to keep learning.” – Aditya Mohanty

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