, Making Its Space In Highly Unorganized Gadget Repair Market

Communication through whatsapp, text messages and e-mails have become essential in our daily lives. A day without a phone or a laptop could cost you a great business deal or a client. Staying connected is an absolute necessity in today’s life. Most of us often find ourselves in dilemma when our gadgets stop functioning. The local repair vendors are either short of supply equipment’s or do not have the technological expertise to repair branded gadgets. Such situations creates inconvenience to customers.

Pune based startup is trying to solve this problem. It is an online platform that helps its customers in regaining their non-working essential devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets in the shortest possible time anywhere in India. It is backed by Bhrmaa Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Venture claims that it provides a hassle free service backed by warranty and a strong team of experts in the domain making repair easy a go-to vendor for all electronic gadget repair needs. (1) offers its customers the convenience of raising a request from any part of India by simply logging on to With the support of FedEx and an automated CRM system in place, your gadget is picked up from your home or office for repair service, free of cost. Within an estimated period of time, the product is repaired and sent back to the address of your choice.

Repaireasy offers warranty of parts and workmanship for upto a year; ‘Pay only if we fix’ and an added option of cash on delivery. Backed by a strong technical team, Repaireasy has technical knowhow of more than 25 brands and over 700 models.

Current Challenges & Opportunities

The two and a half year journey has been an interesting learning experience for repaireasy. Apart from the competition faced by more or less unorganized Road side (mom n pop stores), the biggest pain points faced by customers were Paucity of time with the customers, time taken to repair, reverse communication process (from service centers), quality of spares & lack of warranty on work done. Therefore, Convenience, Speed & Quality became the three Virtues of

The USPs of One Year Warranty on Screen replacements, Free pickup and drop across the country, Great quality spares and precise communication evolved with a view to create a process as consumer was always the focal point. In an extremely unorganized space wanted to differentiate themselves from the ‘Others” by making the gadget repair process an organized one. Repaireasy knew that they could deliver only with knowledge of customer expectations, price points, and competition.

In the past 2 years, Repaireasy has worked with individual consumers as well as Corporates & has understood the challenges faced. As a result, they have been able to offer various innovative features like a Free Pick up and drop, extended warranties on all Brands, Stand by Devices, Customized Warranty & Comprehensive Insurance solutions for Gadgets for Corporates.

“Our competition is more or less the unorganized Road side (mom n pop stores) which does not offer convenience, warranty, credibility, speed, quality spares, workmanship and customer service. There are innumerable instances of customers’ devices being compromised with below par quality spares, no warranties, poor availability of spares at the authorized service centres & highly over-prices spares & lastly the pain of endless follow up with the Shops / Service centres. simplifies the life of consumers by offering them a most convenient way to get their lifestyle gadget fixed. Our free pick up n drop services across India, quick turnaround time, good quality spares backed by trained Engineers & coupled with Great rates makes us the most preferred gadget repair service provider.” – The Founder

Current Traction

repaireasy services ebusiness india

Since its inception in 2013, repaireasy has serviced 11,000+ happy customers and now service more than 10,000 pin codes in India, Catering to individuals as well as the SME market. Repaireasy also offers consultation & services to corporates in the area of IT upgrade, IT Infra Management Outsourcing, IT asset audit, Network Security and securing of IT assets. Some of its prominent clients include, Embassy Tech Zone, MSD Intervet, Lear Auto, Faurecia Interior systems, Huntsmen and Barons, Regus Business Centres and RDP systems, amongst others.

The Team

Founded by Rishi Wahi and Naveen Goyal, the dynamic duo hope to fill in the huge gap in the repair industry at the same time contribute to reducing e-waste. During his 8 year stint with Airtel, Rishi has worked on all aspects of customer services for West hub. Led customer service teams at various locations at MP, Maharashtra & Gujarat. Was part of the core team at Mumbai and led verticals like Online engagement (Self care), Customer interaction group, & Service excellence and planning. Spearheaded initiatives for CSAT, Training, templates for customer communication and managed Nodal & Appellate desks (Grievance cell). Given his diverse experience in all aspects of service, he is aware as to how services and processes need to be tailor made to match customer expectations. Rishi is actively involved with strengthening of operations and overall strategy of brand

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