[Infographic] ShopPirate Coupons registered 30% hike in the traffic on Mother’s Day

12th May 2016, New Delhi: This mother’s Day was rewarding for Ecoupons Company Shop Pirate coupons which registered 30% increase in its traffic on mobile and website this year.  Categories where people shopped the most were flowers, cakes, tech gadgets, accessories, mobile cases and customized products.

e-commerce in India 2016 mothers day

Talking on the occasion, Kulpreet Kaur, Co-founder, Shop Pirate Coupons shared, “This year there was an increase of 10% than last year where we got 20% hike. This is definitely an improvement over the last year and shows the growing popularity of this special day. Also we noticed that 60% of the traffic on our site for Mother’s Day was from Tier 2 and tier 3 cities which is definitely a trend. There is huge scope in these cities and that’s why we will be keeping special focus on these cities in future.

Sites which were most popular were ‘Ferns N Petals’ which made the maximum sales.

Apart from this, this year Shop Pirate is targeting 5 lacs registered users by June 2016. The company has opened its Canada site and is in process of opening its US site.

About Shop Pirate Coupons:

Shop Pirate Coupons is a newly launched start-up by Snippets IT Solutions targeting the young and the restless, who don’t shy away from indulging in online shopping. The company is currently operating in bootstrapped mode and is offering its users coupons through its website, mobile apps as well as browser add-ons. Currently, Shop Pirate has over 5000 active offers from around 500 stores. It also has some exclusive deals in the travel category. It gives users the choice to comment on whether the coupon was useful so as to build in a transparent system which helps fellow shoppers. They can also earn rewards and badges by earning points and can become the top pirate.

For more information about the offers, please visit www.shoppirate.in

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