Husband-wife Duo’s eCommerce Startup Generating Income & Employment In Rural India


Simbacart is an online shopping website for fashion products, started by a husband-wife duo. Husband is an IT professional and wife is  an MBA with Marketing Management as specialization, they found the combination great for building an ecommerce website (interestingly both share the same name “Mandeep”). Ms. Mandeep born and brought up in a village – Tangra and she observed rural India can develop quality products, which can be well pushed in urban markets. She identified footwear category as an opportunity and focused on it and hence Simbacart has been born. Simbacart is a very socially connected brand. It is all focused on spreading More Smiles Each Day. With each purchase the customer makes at Simbacart, they commit to spreading more smiles. When a customer buys a product from this portal, they are helping people on the other side of the world. The team is equally known for its CSR initiatives and they conduct social services on a regular frequency such as shoe donation, health check-ups, food donation campaigns etc.

generating more income to the skilled hands in Rural AREAS

“Simbacart is solving the core issue that is there is need to lift up the society, need to generate income and employment in rural India and to become a blessed brand by being focused on CSR initiatives” – The Founder Said

Simbacart sources from people who make shoes at home or from mediators who further source on hand made shoes. The team is focused on generating more income to the skilled hands. They are headquartered in a village called Tangra, tier 6 location in rural parts of Punjab, where the population is hardly 3500 people. They are in sync with Airtel, has been able to get fixed internet leaseline in the village and now the team is training people for free who further can be employed in the company. Simbacart is very clear on  NOT hiring talent from the city. Delivering quality products and maximized focus on social initiatives makes them different from others.

  What a customer can expect from this portal?

  1. Quality products handcrafted with passion and love from rural
  2. Exclusive designs from skilled hands
  3. Social connection of the brand – a feel good aura
Current traction

In the first year of operations they crossed sales over INR 1 Crore and since then they never looked back. Simbacart has 125,000 facebook followers and on an average 30,000 page views every month. The website boasts nearly 30 percent of repeat buyers. Their products are shipped against cash on delivery (COD) orders PAN India.

Till now the project is fully bootstrapped. The project has been only supported by with a loan of INR 8L without collateral.

Startup Fact sheet

Current Challenges & opportunities AHEAD

In their business, demand is much higher than the supply. The only challenge is Simbacart is totally bootstrapped and can not invest much in stocks in order to maximize the sales to its full capacity. Due to higher demand, there are loads of opportunities for the team and they are all wildly focused on grabbing them. Simbacart has a stable business model now and further refining the model each day and generating maximum out of it.

They have moved to much higher quality products now. Simbacart wants to bring full range of footwear to the website by pooling in more investments. They are keen to expand further with women and kids footwear categories and then apparels and accessories in near future.

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