– A Multi Brand Gadget Care with 30000 Successful Online Repairs & Counting..


In today’s eCommerce era, we are all so used to browse online portals to buy latest gadget from the comfort of our home/ office. No traffics snarls, no parking headache, no billing hassles, all our shopping has been made really easy. Infact one of the premium portal has already crossed the 1 billion sales mark this year. But what do we do if any one of these gadgets fail? Do we have a professional “service provider” who can cater to the repair and service needs online? Do they provide multi-brand warranty/ out warranty service? Do they have customer contact center where we can avail express service? Do they use genuine spare? Do they provide online booking and tracking facility? Do they pickup, repair and return devices? We re-searched online and found none. In-fact there are only a handful professional centers (B2B) who operate offline.

“We thought about and decided to launch which provided a answer to all the above questions. We have built a unique online portal and complemented it with a network of state of art customer interaction center to showcase our business model. The response have been overwhelming with over 30,000 clients catered in one year -D. Umamaheswaran, CEO,”

Industry Overview

The rapid increase in the Indian electronics market has paved way for a booming repair service Industry for electrical gadgets in the Country.

  • Repair and Service market potential is estimated $12 Billion per annum in India
  • The market is mostly unorganized – There is a high demand for organized repair/ service centers & players
  • There are close to 867.8M mobile devices and many more out of commission
  • It is estimated that an urban Indian has atleast 1 idle handset lying (in USA it is 2)


This industry is highly un-organized. Also, there is a dearth & unavailability of genuine spare parts in the market. That is where, is born to solve this problem.  This startup focuses on mutli-brand / multi-category repair of gadgets (smartphones, tablets and laptops) via network of online portal, mobile application & retail outlets.

With its skilled technicians & professional services, portal offers pickup/ delivery of the Gadgets, Quick Turnaround time & Genuine Spare Parts to the customers. Customers can add their devices to the e-vault of online portal. Customers can trigger repair order, avail warranty fulfilment, apply gadget insurance and sell/ exchange devices. They pickup devices all over the country and route them to their headquarters in Chennai for order processing.

As per the founders “With BYOD concept fast picking up in companies, we are seeing increasing number of companies signup for our services. We are only a click away whenever your gadget needs help. We will put to use all the latest technological innovations and cater to your growing demands.”

bigfix gadget care mutichannel_ebusiness india

Current endeavours & THE Way Forward

30,000+ successful online repairs, 8 branches in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Delhi. Currently BigFix is in the process of setting up the state of art L3 repair center in Chennai for chip level repair. BigFix has also signed-up with logistic partners to strengthen the pickup and delivery services across India. They have partnered with various OEM suppliers in China, Taiwan & Korea for procurement of first quality genuine spares.

Planning for 25 more branches in 2016. The tremendous response motivated the team further to expand the operations and looking forward to set up the customer interaction centers at 250 locations all over India.

The Founding Members
  • D. Umamaheswaran, CEO : Has 20+ years of experience providing ERP, Cloud Computing, Ecommerce, Mobile Computing and Social Applications to different organizations of repute.
  • U. Dhevi Bala, Retail Head : Has 15+ years of experience in managing business enterprises and has been closely associated with Nokia, managing warranty repair service & customer support operations

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