The Insider’s Guide To Leverage Social Media For Your Business

Social media has evolved as a necessity in today’s world, highly influencing user’s daily life decisions. Well it is quite obvious also. It allows them to share instantly, to connect to anyone in the world, to have access to information and reviews etc.

In this digital era, brands are exploiting this digital opportunity to derive maximum benefits. To create a distinguishable and long lasting image on consumers’ mind is their main motto and social media platforms are making things less challenging.

Why go Social

Today, 99.8% banner ads are ignored and Social media is the life saviour for many of the brands. As per imediaconnection, “More than 30% of overall traffic to websites is derived from top eight social networks collectively.”

Facebook , Google+ , twitter , LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are key social media networks. And brands ,now-a-days, are leveraging these platforms for various purposes like, creating brand awareness, getting consumer’s attention against competitors, increasing website traffic, creating buzz by initiating relevant conversations, interacting with key audiences and ultimately creating a positive purchase behaviour. A research in 2014 by Hubspot says, “92% of marketers believed social media was important platform for marketing, 80% claiming to increase in their website traffic.

Also, social media helps brand in connecting with those prospects they didn’t knew are existing. Same thing goes vice versa, social media helps customers to notice brands they didn’t knew are present in the industry. Posting links in relevant communities can help in both of these discoveries.

Well! If you consistently stay on the front base with your content and campaigns, expectedly the chances of the prospective buyer buying from your website increases when need be. Social media marketing certainly leads to increase in sales. Appealing your potential buyers with brand new products, coupon codes and other incentives on your facebook fan page or twitter follower can help to increase the sale substantially.

Not only sales but via social media helps in after sales services. A report by Cogzinant says, “One in three social media users prefer to reach out to a brand on social media for customer service, and 63% expect companies to offer customer service on social media. 75% of consumers using social media expect to hear from customer service in an hour or less.” Thus, helps you n retention as well.

How much Social are “The Users”

we-are-socials-global-digital-statshot-august-2015-2-638Image Source:

It can be inferred from the chart above, 134 million population of India are active Social Media users. Undoubtedly, usage of social media expands the pool of opportunity for the brand to connect to limitless users.

A report by forrester states, “Each peer recommendation reaches 150 people on the social web”. But it is not limited to peer group only. In fact, any individual who has a convincing and influential voice, authenticity and social media followers, definitely can expose your brand to a greater reach. This electronic word of mouth generates maximum buzz for brands.

Curious case of Social Media Marketing

Old Spice’s Social Media campaigns:

  • The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign: Over 180 of videos were created capturing most interesting man in the world and it generated six million views and over 22,500 video comments, within the span of a few days. The campaign got viral and became a true success story.

  • “#Whatsinthetub” campaign: Old Spice in order to regenerate its brand position in the market launched #WhatsInTheTub ad campaign featuring Milind Soman in a tub and created the buzz asking user’s what’s in the tub. The purpose was to reiterate the magic of mantastic smell. Again this went viral creating curiosity among users and constantly following the campaign.

old spice

Image source 

How a brand can go on Social

Following simple few steps, you can reach out to numerous prospects and thus increase your presence over web and eventually over consumer’s mind. Here are they:

1. Find your audience and choose the platform:

  • Knowing the target audience makes the work much easier and effective.
  • Also there are number of social media platforms out there but finding which one is worthy, is essential. Choose the platform that supports your brand image. Facebook is currently the king of all social platforms. You can sell anything here to anyone, if market correctly. Brands which rely heavily on images like apparel and home décor brands can choose Instagram. LinkedIn helps you to impart business related content and is a perfect source for promoting professional services and tools.
  • Create a company blog and keep your customers updated about your products events and campaigns.

2. Create a social media plan:

Strategizing is as important as promoting. As per a report by econsultancy, “The coming years will witness heavy investment in social media campaigns for around 71 percent of brands, to reach new followers and build brand reputation”. But it must be invested wisely. So, do not forget to make an outstanding social media strategy, which include:

  • Informative content: Yes, content is king and must be treated like one. Creating useful, informative and interesting content can bring a lot more readers, and thus users, to your page. An influencing content with subtly selling your product can even turn your readers into your customers. Do not forget to put backlinks for greater visibility. In addition to classic text, create variety by using images, charts , infographics and quotes.  Articles with images receive 94 percent more views.
  • Leveraging Influencers: Creating high quality content is important but is not enough. At times the voice gets lost in the noise of pushing contents from various brands. To make your content and strategy stand apart, start leveraging influencers. What if your product name comes in a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan or Mahendra Dhoni? You know it right? Your product will become a brand overnight. These are high end influencers. People follow them religiously and make decisions.
  • Social Media Campaigns: When organic reach is diminishing to as low as 2%, it is important to go for paid campaigns. Contests and campaigns which provide noticeable incentives, encourage user participation, gain much higher visibility and thus generate leads.

3. Track your competitors:

Keeping an eye on competitors can lead to better strategies and sales. Creatively beating your completion’s strategies and ideas, can bring prospects to your brand easily. Sharp observations will help you extract industry related links and insights.

4. Measure your success:

Google analytics help you to measure the success of your social media strategies. Based on these results you can market your products more aggressively and generate sales. Attach tracking tags to better monitor your campaigns.

The game has changed. People have moved on from pamphlets and TV ads to real time reviews, opinions, personalised ads, incentive and coupons on social media.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, Go social.

Author: Neha Gupta, Producer – content marketing at 

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