Zenify, a rental management startup aims to manage INR 100,000 crore worth of properties

The current rental experience to homeowners and tenants is pretty bad leading to a multitude of issues. The tenancy agreement, the problem of finding out who the landlord is, council tax, the landlord’s rights of entry repairs all these are common  hassles faced by tenants as well as by the owners.

One of the prime reasons for this depletion is that there is a lack of standardised technology and transparency in property management services.

Zenify -ebusiness India
How is Zenify solving this problem?

Zenify is a rental management company which provides seamless rental experience to owners and tenants. They aim to bring in transparency in rental experience through technological advancement. From finding a tenant to managing a property to providing assured rentals, Zenify is redefining the way property rentals are managed, with a unique online and offline offering.

Zenify was started in the year 2012 by Sudarshan Purohit, Ankur Agarwal and Kailash Rathi. Their primary target audiences are NRI’s and domestic owners who don’t have sufficient time to find a tenant for their property and managing it.

‘Zenify is the only company in India which provides assured rentals and in-depth property management services thereby making the entire process of renting in and renting out a truly ‘Zenful’ experience’,  -Sudarshan Purohit, CEO of Zenify


Similar players like CommonFloor, Grabhouse and 99 Acres, these companies are listing platforms where owners can list their properties and tenants can scroll through individually to select a property and thereafter get into discussions, negotiations and agreement finalisations with the owners.

Unlike others, once a property is registered with Zenify the owner gets an assured rental for the agreed time period. If the tenant discontinues the agreement, Zenify continues to pay the rent even when the flat is vacant. Zenify also takes care of all maintenance related responsibilities and tenant complaints that arise during the agreed period. Zenify ensures a broker free experience, eases the process of finding an ideal tenant/owner, significantly reduces the time spent by an owner in managing the property, manages and maintains property without any hassle and provides a cost effective solution to owners as well as tenants.

Traction and potential

As of now Zenify have not done an aggressive marketing since the business model is  a very unique in comparison to other players in the market. They are evangelizing our services through SEO, Social Media Marketing and third party websites like Sulekha.com, Commonfloor, Magic bricks, no broker, quikr. November website hits were 23581. November month- users logged in were 687.

Benefits for Property owners includes; Assured rent at Market value,  On time payment of rent,  End to end property management, Strong tenant screening.

Benefits for Tenants includes; Rent Homes online for zero Brokerage fees, Market Price, Neat and clean homes, Ongoing support for repairs.

Future plan

Established in the year 2012, Zenify currently manages 1500 crore worth of properties in Bengaluru. Within the next five years, Zenify plans to manage INR 100,000 crore worth of properties across the country. In the next three years, Zenify is planning to expand to all Tier 1 cities across the country.

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