– Expecting Moms Couldn’t Be Any Happier With The News

When those little feet kick your over-sized belly, don’t you feel overjoyed? Doesn’t your heart jump a thousand times with impending happiness? That’s the real feel of pregnancy. When you don’t feel disgraced if you are kicked, for the only time! You want your baby to make you feel its presence.

You might sit and feel “the most precious jewels you will have around your neck are the arms of your children”. This is the time when you await its birth and you want to bestow all the possible things it might need to have a happy life.

The earnest wish to pick and choose every detail of its needs make you want to go out of the house and shop for the unborn. And why won’t you wish for! After all you are the mother, you have the first right to think about your baby and its wellness. But your heart must have sunk for a couple of times when you were made to sit home alone, and your closest relatives went for the baby’s shopping. Now, you don’t have much choice other than to smile when they bring you gifts for your unborn baby, whether you like or not.

That is the pain of being an expecting mother. You are not even allowed to take a step out when all you want to do is make everything ready until the baby is born. But in this advanced time, when you get everything in a keyword search then why not baby products?

An Idea was born

With the stillness of a pregnant women and their urge to buy products for their kids on their own, has given a thought to Mr. Harsh Singhania (Founder , BabysJoy). He sat with this thought and took the initiative to find a solution to it. Possibly, he like others understood the pain that the expecting mothers go through when they are almost on a house arrest and are not allowed to step out. But the products that they are going to bestow on their kids would make them the happiest. Harsh founded the in 2010 & further expanding the offline presence as well .

How Does BabysJoy Make Expecting Moms Happy?

It is the crucial time of pregnancy when you realise that you are left alone in the room and no one is there to share your pain! But that’s quite an irony, because that is the times when you are taken extra care of, so much so that you are locked in a house in the crucial months. But an amazing solution to this tiring situation would be online shopping.

Yes, you must be all smiles by now! Sitting in the comfort of your home when you can shop for your little one, what else can make you happier? The advanced formatting of the sites lets you zoom in to the maximum, so that you can verify even the stitches of the product that you choose.


(Guwahati Showroom of BabysJoy )

The Offerings

Baby fashion is the section that you will take in the awe. There are a huge collection of dresses and combination of nappies with their matching uppers. Don’t you want your baby to look cute in those apparels? The different colours will make you spoilt for choice as there are plenty and you just can’t wait to try them on your unborn.

The games and the learning section of the site present a myriad of different and exciting new ways by which your baby will learn its first ABCD or the numbers. The cars and different mind building games will give your baby that joy and smile which you are eagerly waiting for. From the cute duck shaped bath tubs to the different shaped cars, you can make kid smile with them.

Thinking about perambulators, or strollers in case? They have such a cute collection which no retail shop can match up to. So you must not be wasting any more time in nagging to go out and immediately sit with your laptop and browse through the products that the sites are waiting to offer you.


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