“After my short stint with AAP in 2014, I was keen on bringing a difference to the society & then WeAreGadgets.com was born”


Here are the excerpts of the interview with Sree Krishna Seelam, Founder- WeAreGadgets 

eBusiness India: Tell us about your venture and  how it all began (the eureka moment)?

Sree Krishna Seelam: Entrepreneurship was always there in the mind , after my short stint with AAP in contesting for the 2014 general elections, I was very keen in bringing a difference in the way people think and live and was brainstorming around various ideas; I happened to meet a German environmentalist in Chennai , who made me realise the unforeseen calamity we are causing to our habitat. I was very disappointed by the damage that we are causing to this planet. I started spending time on research on landfills, environmental pollution and the great pacific garbage patch – the facts shook me, it was very alarming . There are several recycling companies trying their best, but most of their energies are spent in encouraging companies to recycle and reuse. But the question is why are they unable to bring in the difference? When I started to isolate the problem – I realised that the excitement in buying a device is least when disposing it .We really do not care – I myself was surprised to find over a dozen chargers and couple of feature phones lying in my closet for over years. If ignored they could have slowly moved to the garbage cans and end up as floating waste or landfills.

If the idea of recycling / refurbishing every device in the planet is incorporated in the minds of the buyers at the time of sale and if they are given a convenience of exchanging / selling it at the same platform it could do wonders . That’s when we started working on WeAreGadgets , we created a one stop solution for all gadgets needs where a corporate can buy brand new/refurbished gadgets with a buy back guarantee . The convenience of repairing/recycling the used gadgets is complimented with the purchase. We believe that in the next five to ten years, the millions of gadgets that we sell will again fall into the cycle of getting refurbished, reused and even recycled through us .

eBusiness India: What the problem does it solve and the USP?

Sree Krishna Seelam: We help the world reduce, reuse and recycle creating a better place to Coexist. Our USP is the Buy back Guarantee. We are the world’s first company offering a one stop solution for all gadget needs. Companies can Buy, Sell , Refurbish and even Recycle Gadgets through us.

eBusiness India: The market size & competition?

Sree Krishna Seelam: It is $ 2  Billion market in India. We are unique in this space and we do not term any one as competition as we work with sellers, recyclers and refurbishment companies across India as business partners.

Sree Krishna Seelam _ebusiness India
Sree Krishna Seelam, Founder, WeAreGadgets

eBusiness India: How are you funded? 

Sree Krishna Seelam: We are boot strapped and funding is something we never thought of , coz we are a self sustainable model . We were successful in closing our first order within 10 days of receiving our VAT and no looking back since then.

eBusiness India: Future plan for expansion?

Sree Krishna Seelam: Our hunt has begun for the right match of mindset and look to expand in all metros in the first quarter next year.

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