How ‘Internet-in-One-Minute’ isn’t as Bad as You Think?


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As per the recent report, the estimated number of internet users worldwide in 2015 is 3.17 billion. We all access the internet every minute for one or other reason. Every minute of every day, tons of data are being generated and consumed. The quantity of information transferred each minute from one end to another via Internet is all the more surprising. Let’s look at –  How Internet-in-One-Minute’ isn’t as Bad as You Think?

  • One of the most browsed pages is Email website. Every minute there are several emails drafted and sent by Internet users
  • Google is the other most browsed page. Every 60 seconds more 4 million queries are put on Google. It is popular among adults as well as youngsters
  • Another one of the popular and most browsed pages are Social media pages. Facebook is one of them. On Facebook, there are 41, 66, 667 likes every minute
  • At the same time, 300 hours video are uploaded on Youtube per minute
  • There are 3, 47, 222 tweets per minute on Twitter
  • On Instagram, 1, 73, 111 likes are recorded every minute
  • Every minute 51,000 Apps are downloaded from Internet and 1212 posts are added on WordPress

Source: Industry Reports, Web, Google

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