Poised to Become One-stop Solution for Property Needs


With accelerated new forms of communication through the rise of the internet, customer is choosing different methods for dealing with property related issues. Therein, giving rise to several online property portals.

In Spite of this growing demand among people in general, there has been a constant depletion in the number of search volumes for online property portals. One of the prime reasons for this depletion is that, online property portals may provide more options but no further facilitation. Even after finalizing property people need to run to banks for loans, to lawyers for documentation & registration.

“While dealing, lack ofNilesh Gajera_Myestatepoint Realty knowledge (12-14 laws, technical terms, taxation, govt duties & fees, registration and loan documents) makes the job even tedious and unsafe especially for first-time buyers. All knowledge is too dispersed. One Stop Solution is missing & we are bridging this gap via MyEstatePoint” -Nilesh Gajera, CEO, MyEstatePoint

What is MyEstatePoint?

My Estate Point is a fastest growing real estate platform of Gujarat, which offers the right mix of the online and offline solution. My Estate Point Services aims to standardise the lack of anonymity of online portals. Its service includes Property Portal, Mobile Application, Online TV Channel, Property Help Line, Property News Paper and Investor Club. is a venture of Verity Realty Solutions Pvt Ltd. with its head office in Surat and branch office in Ahmedabad.

It’s an ideal platform which Connects, Educates and Facilitates prospective Buyers, Tenants, Property owners, Investors, Real Estate Agents and Developers for their end to end real estate needs through different mediums such as The web, Phone, Print, Seminars and Events. Prospective Buyers, Investors and Tenants can access  their vast data of properties empowering them with available alternatives in most convenient and hassle-free way.

Current Traction On Portal
  • 80,000 Mobile app downloads.
  • 70% of the land community from Gujarat
  • Over 45 crore land transaction through offline arm
  • 800 + Projects listed from 4 cities of Gujarat
  • 250+ users adding Daily (organic traffic)
  • 11000+ News and knowledge articles on real estate.
What’s in it for Buyers, Developers & Brokers?

MyEstatePoint’s  goal is to assist buyers to make wiser decisions about their real estate investment, whether it’s buying a property, selling, renting, leasing, investing or financing – it’s all about empowering people with data and information in order to make a most profitable decision.

It  helps, Developers to market their projects online and offline, Brokers to grow their business through connection & knowledge empowerment, Investors to choose the right venue for profitable investment through Seminars, Co-buying, Due diligence, Buyers throughout the property transaction from Searching, Visiting, Financing, Scrutinizing legality in the most hassle free Way.

Unique Features of Portal
MyEstatePoint.com_ebusiness India

a. Property Investor Club: First ever dedicated club of veteran property investors. It helps them choosing the right venue of profitable investment through their knowledge seminars, investment tours, co – buying & networking.

b. Localised Realty News: First ever dedicated source for Realty News which gives news in Gujarati, Hindi & English from local to national level. It helps Realty professional stay up to date with the market without missing the single news.

c. Online Realty TV: Dedicated realty channel includes on-demand videos on real estate vertical.

d. Land Section: They are first to bring the  land community on a single platform. In Gujarat, 60% on people involved in the land business (developers, brokers, architects, engineers, lawyers, investors & govt. officers) are on their  platform accessing TP, DP, DLR village maps, Jantri rate, News and land inventory on day to day basis.

e. Knowledge Section: It provides an explanation of property documents, processes, taxation, loan, law and terminology. This helps consumers as well as professional.

The Way Forward

MyEstatePoint’s current focus is Gujarat and they wish to achieve market leader position in all products offering in Gujarat first. In the meantime, they will target other key cities of India for online products. They will expand their  business state wise, it’s a bit different than typical tier 1, 2 cities approach, but they feel statewide expansion is ideal to suit their business model.


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