Maggi Crisis And Its e-Commerce Strategy In India

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As soon as the news of the relaunch of Nestle product, Maggi in the Indian market spread on November 9, 2015, a rush in fans of Maggi to get a share was observed. After the relaunch of Maggi, its consumers hurried to gather as many packs as they could.

Now Maggi is back with an eCommerce  strategy. It has tied up with leading eCommerce players to ensure volume and a faster growth. The consumers of Maggi hurried to grab the Maggi packs available online.

Recently 60,000 Maggi packs were sold out in just five minutes via an unique “flash sale model” on

People’s  reaction:

maggi back_ebusiness india

maggi snapdeal_ebusines india

Maggi’s new strategy:

  1. Tying up with leading eCommerce players – Maggi has tied up with prominent names of eCommerce like Snapdeal and Brand Baby&me of to grab attention of its consumers faster than earlier used traditional modes.
  2. Focus on volume – There are 100 cities and towns where Maggi has been re-launched. Maggi has plans to cover all the recent losses by high volume and double-digit growth.
  3. Right price strategy – As Maggi is consumed by people of age groups, right pricing of Maggi is seems to be a good move.
  4. Bullish on Advertising – Maggi has prepared advertisements involving general people who give the opinion that Maggi was trust worthy and still is safe to eat.

After the recent crisis faced by Maggi because of not clearing the routine test on a pack, from a small town supermarket made the customers lose trust that they gained in decades. However, now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will routinely test samples of Maggi. Maggi was banned after it was found that the quantity of lead content present in it was beyond permissible limits.

Maggi is taking all the necessary steps to gain the trust of its consumers, back. At the same time it is also bullish in the advertising strategy. Let us look below two videos-

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