Once the visitor turns into a buyer: Order fulfillment key considerations

Once a visitor presses the Buy Button within your online store, cycle starts of turning Visitor into a Buyer. It’s very important phase of establishing relationship with your online customer. This phase involves Online payment processing and Order fulfillment/Logistics.

Order fulfillment & logistics processes need to be defined as per the your organization’s setup. As far as online start-ups are concerned below are few key considerations:

  • What are the target geographies (global OR domestic).
  • If online start-up has an offline presence. Then how much you will need to align existing operations to accommodate online customers.
  • How effectively company’s inventory management system/ back-end system can support the logistics processes.
  • Locations coverage capabilities of your logistic vendors and order tracking capabilities.
  • Different geographies will have specific rules for customs liabilities, duties and taxes hence need to develop a clear understanding while deciding upon geography and the logistic vendors.
  • What is the nature of product (is it high value OR low value?). In case of high value special delivery & insurance arrangement need to be made.

To summarize; below functions can be identified and maximized:

  1. Efficient, timely & track-able mode for online orders
  2. Good e-commerce platform for smooth functioning of e-fulfillment
  3. Broader coverage and mechanism of handling reverse logistics (returns)
  4. Customer service

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